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Weekend was marvellous. stayed in with Al and Fuzzy on Friday night. Cooked a curry using a roast chicken and me and Al got through a couple of bottles of red wine (ah red wine - how great you are for nights in where black teeth and lips hold little fear) between us. Watched the Last Samurai - I thought it was good - the fighting seemed well done and there were Ninjas. Ken Watanabe was particularly excellent. Yet again Tom Cruise pisses me off by being a good actor despite me not liking him. Curse you Tom Cruise!!!

Saturday bought the megoura pubcrawla. We (Me, [ profile] cloneboy, [ profile] fuzzygoth, [ profile] orkney_rob, [ profile] ruby_noir, [ profile] diceman, [ profile] timsinister and [ profile] selectnone) hit the Palace at 1pm. Fuzzy managed 4 pints in this first pub - this did not bode well. After tasty lunch we headed up to the duck and drake (met the landlord - an excellent chap*) for a couple. We then decided it'd be nice to get to Metal Tea Rooms at the club (Fuzzy was craving Witchwood ales) so we went to Whitelocks for one (where [ profile] myz_lilith joined us - yay!) Trolled up to the club and found [ profile] redfetishfreak - further yay! At about half 6 we headed to the Wrens for our final pubbage before home. Beckie joined us and we all taxi'd back to FOC via the co-ops booze section - [ profile] screaming_harpy, [ profile] speedy_j and Emma ND came over and a riotous time was had by all. It becomes a bit of a blur at that point. there was some singing and a whole pile of manly hugging. I may have scared poor [ profile] shygoth by sneaking up and jumping into his car when he came to pick up lil.

Felt just a tad delicate on Sunday - the house looked like those pictures you get of roundhay park after some shonky chav festival and still does as we decided we were all too hungover to actually do anything about the mess yesterday. Mended the central heating, had a bath then locked myself in my cave all day only venturing out to head to Kate's birthday meal at Sukothai in Chapel Allerton. Got a lift back from Nicki and Ian which was nice as I haven't seen much of them for aaaages.

and now? SNOW!!! YEEE!!! Send me home early!! I wish to Frolick! i *do not* wish to get stuck in bleeding Huddersfield overnight.

* even moreso as he thought I was much younger than I am - yee!

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