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I have in my possession The Wrong Box. This is a box filled with scraps of paper listing those things that people observe to be wrong or wrong things people have said. "Will's beard" is in there, as is "Warhammer", "Midge" and "Air Guitar". It doesn't have to be actual 'things' that go in there, "not talking about cock for 10 minutes on a girlie night" lies alongside "the musical stylings of Oasis". There are so many things in there relating to [ profile] crm that he has his own subsection. There are many universal truths in there, indeed the very existance of the wrong box is noted in the wrong box.

Last night I upgraded the wrong box (a metaphysical concept afterall) from a tatty cardboard box to a black wooden box I had floating round the house. Then I decorated it with sparkly things that [ profile] the_great_bj had bought for this purpose. This action, clearly, went in the wrong box. Then I took photos of the decorated wrong box and mms'd them to people. Also added. Then I read through everything that's in there. I found a small blank scrap in there which I wrote "this wrong is left intentionally blank" on the bottom of with a smirk.

I love the wrong box.

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