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oops. I've started playing Kingdom of Loathing again. ooops.
they've added a fair amount since I last played it and seem to have sorted out the ecconomy a bit. do any of you lot (still) play it?

in other news I'm suffering a bit from allergic asthma at the mo and regularly coughing myself into a heap if I attempt to unpack anything - I think I just need to get the dust from the move out of my system and get my body used to the dust dry air that seems to come with having central heating in a house that's been empty for a while. No broadband at home at the mo has seen me playing Colonization (you're right paul - it's just not *grabbed* me yet) and Neverwinter Nights 2 (grrr I'm still finding the cameras too annoying in this game grrrrrrrrr!) in my happy little cave.

Should be off to Hamster's do in York tonight (unless I cough myself to death) - possibly getting the 20:09 train from leeds station - who else is heading over and at what time?
also it's duncan's 30th tomorrow night - I know several duncans and haven't quite worked out which one it is - I figure duncan who used to be in a band with Kaye is way older than 30 leaving the main culprit as duncan the metaller with long blonde curly hair who's in the pirate metal band. yeah yeah I should just have asked :P

I am so sick of having this song stuck in my head - it's just such a cynical piece of marketing but it's catchy and seems to get played on the radio every bloody morning

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