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Bloody PCWorld! I really hate the way they charge a *fortune* for something you could get very cheaply on the internet. A couple of years back I went into the one by my office for a usb printer cable - I'd seen them online for £3 but was feeling a bit impatient so I thought I'd check the pc world price and if it wasn't much more than the £3 and postage I'd get it. The only ones they had were £20 and they were trying to pass this off as good value! I bought the online one which had the extra added bonus of a funky glittery cover and a blue L.E.D.

After rigourous scientific testing involving taking my entire pc down to the living room and testing every permutation of set up (Geof would be proud) I ascertained that the cable from our living room to the spare room (where the router generally lives) is actually what's acting up (the internet connection had problems too but the nice man from virgin sorted those) so today I've been pricing up 15m network cables. You can get them for £4.58 plus postage online but I'm impatient yada yada so I went to pc world to see what they had. the cheapest 15m they sell is £35 and they go up to £55. Admittedly it's cat6 not cat5e but hey they're a couple of quid more online and cat5e should be perfectly adequate for most people. It's just another example of the big shops taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge. I suppose that's business but it just seems very cynical and mean.

Someone in the office gave me a nice long lead to try - it might only be 10 not 15m so I still may have to order one online but hells bells it's better than being suckered by pcworld. twats.

Hopefully this will be the end of 1500ms latency and disconnections on WoW and general internet shonkiness :)

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