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...and it's an exciting one tonight as my lovely pixie, [ profile] daevid's, band Rome Burns are playing their first ever acoustic set. Yeeeee! Wish him luck :)

Getting there just before 8 in time for Rome Burn's set and then heading for noodles with a few people at Fuji Hiro afterwards. I figure there'll be a lot of people there who want to see IS and I don't want to get in the way of their nice view - plus I won't have a chance to eat a decent tea beforehand. Back to the club for Friday Flock after that :)

Am looking forward to a massive lie in tomorrow - going to try not to drink too much tonight so that it's not ruined by hangoverage!

Then off to see Ms Rosie Lugosi, lesbian vampire queen (apparently!), compereing the burlesque at the Slippery Belle tomorrow night - it's Michealo's Stag do so should be a good night - and I missed last month's one.

More ligging planned for Sunday :)

Then off to the extended Black Sheep bank holiday special - I think this will be my drunken night of the weekend :) the last one, at Easter, was marvellous :D Plus Ms [ profile] gillywoo and Mr [ profile] asw909 are the guest DJs and there will be the wearing of Garish Skirts(tm)

Top off this uber busy weekend (I'm calling it Whitby at home as I expect it to be just as hard on my system) I'm going to Matt's house for a BBQ on the Monday afternoon. Civilised! :D

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