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gosh whitby is just round the corner and I have a giant pile of preperations - trifles like dying my hair and packing. ah well I've done the list so it *should* just be a case of putting stuff in my bag and ticking it off. famous last words...

tonight I'm cooking teryaki salmon for fuzzy and eddy and followed by hair dying and round one of the packathon. Tomorrow daevid turns up - will probably cook a nice spicy meatloaf for him - I've got back into cooking with the joy of having a socialble and well lit kitchen again. shame about the electric cooker - the temptation to get a gas one fitted and store the shite little electric one in the cellar is high.

packing got a little sidelined last night by the arrival of glorious broadband to the FOC house - managed to utilise the existing built in network cables and my wireless router to provide hot steamy broadband piped into every room from my command centre cave. it's super fast at the moment with the entire 1.6gb WoW update downloading in about 10-15 minutes. installing it took an eternity though as ever! oddly I didn't actually play WoW apart from to sort out my talent trees on my main character and her pets (tusky the bushpig, bolan the pink and purple raptor and lionel blair the lion) the house seemed eerily empty last night as we were all in our respective rooms (or caves in my case) hugging the internet and downloading porn.

in other news I bought another buzz (the popquiz one with videos) and fallout 3 - turns out fallout 3 should run on my 2.5 year old system although I may well upgrade the graphics card when I get back from whitby. Also mr Neal pointed me at a website ( that sells revamped versions of old games that run ok on xp and vista and I'm mightily tempted to get fallout 1 as it's only $5.99 and I very much enjoyed re-playing fallout2 last year.

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