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I'm sure I should do a big weekend update but I don't feel particularly inspired so I'll do a wee one instead.

friday - went for a run with bridget - apparently she hates me so hard :) fixed the internet - it was our router all along. stayed in hugging the internet.

saturday - went to town, met an ailing neals, bought supplies, forgot to take my films in to be developed, went to see geof with biscuits and japanese tat, dyed my hair, cleaned the livingroom, made foods, prepared the cocktail engine (purple drinks for the win), re-met Rin, met the lovely [ profile] emma_emily (in the company of [ profile] tawdryfilth) and headed (eventually) to wendyhouse. set up base. guarded base. wandered. wibbled. kidnapped [ profile] akira_kev for a prolonged period. danced. drank. had a marvellous night. some people came back to mine *waves at lee and dave if they're out there* kath was sick :P audrey stayed til 7am before heading to her guest house.

sunday. audrey seemed to ring to say she was coming back round approximately 10 minutes after she left but in fact it was 5 hours later! we sat about and wibbled and lee and dave joined us again too. when people finally left I installed myself on the computer and didn't move all night except to eat fish sticks and cous cous. was too hungover even to go to sheep :(

today my clothes from kate's clothing have arrived and I now own my first ever pencil skirt. woo. grown up. all fits (just about - there's some terrific strain going on in one of the tops but hey)

tonight I enter the murky world of pornography whilst remaining fully dressed and wielding a vat of custard. win!
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Photos from christmas wendyhouse and Julianne's housewarming are up on my flickr account. Not edited any of them cos I'm lazy. Expect a write up when I'm bored at work tomorrow.

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