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I've uploaded some of my japan photos here but I'm tired now so I'm going to stop. this is probably a third to a half of what might go up eventually...

bedtime soon - early start tomorrow.
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I have 30 different things I might be doing tonight but given how washed out I'm feeling and that this throbbing headache behind my eyes won't clear, even with pain killers, theres a chance I won't be doing any of them. that'll teach me to mope for hours on end. Am feeling less mopey today if a little drained. thanks once more for all the kind words yesterday by comment, msn and email - you're all stars :)

In better news my shiny 5 disk edition of Blade Runner arrived today - at last I can watch it again! Did I mention it's the best film of all time? I didn't pay extra for the metal briefcase version as that's just a tad excessive - there's some nice prints of the conceptual art in there though. it's all very wonderful. Orange <3 Blade Runner.

Sounds like Jim is in the process of scanning the photos from the photo shoot at last so I should get those soonish. Yay! Plus I'm in the process of arranging another one with a different photographer. Double yay!

Now where do I get a ball gown for tomorrow's murder mystery eh?
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Photos from christmas wendyhouse and Julianne's housewarming are up on my flickr account. Not edited any of them cos I'm lazy. Expect a write up when I'm bored at work tomorrow.

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