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Pleasant weekend doing a whole pile of nothing much as planned (needed time off for recovery after the last few weekends/weeks)
Had Friday off to wait for my beautiful new telly to be delivered - was delivered a little too late in the day to leave me time to do the other things I had planned. had to leave the telly for Al and Fuzzy to deal with as there was no way I'd be able to move the old one by myself as it's mahoousive.
Caught the 5:40 train down to peterborough (quiet carriage my arse!!) and met up with the pixie whereupon we headed off for some tasty meze food at a Greek restaurant. Daevid even ate prawns and mussels! was somewhat pogged and headed back to his to sit in bed and watch Heroes.
Saturday involved more Heroes and a planned shopping trip to Peterborough - I got to test out some mattresses and found one I liked but annoyingly the chap didn't right down enough of a make (reylon pocket sprung) for me to look it up on the internets to see if it's good value (£299 plus £49 delivery - ouch at the delivery) as when you google reylon pocket sprung you get a bewildering array of matresses and prices - pocket sprung seemed just what I needed though - couldn't deal with the memory foam ones at all.
Got tasty tasty takeaway from pizza express (go to for a marvellous voucher) watched some more Heroes. Went to bed (quite early) got up (quite late) and watched even more Heroes. Went food shopping and bought half of Tesco. Also met Daevid's mom in the produce aisle, hardly the best place to get to know someone though. Went home, had a bath, ate buffet type snacky tea and guess what? Yup! Watched even more Heroes. Only 4 more episodes from the first series to watch :)
Journey back was uneventful apart from my new mp3 player dying - hopefully I can rectify it when i plug it into my pc tonight. Got home and promptly worshipped at the temple of Sony Bravia and xbox for a couple of hours as Fuzzy looked on :)

Was just what I needed really - a quiet weekend with Daevid with no noise, booze or crowds. I feel almost refreshed. Bring on Fuzzy and Pru's birthday weekend!

In other news I've just paid for my next year's LJ paid account as frankly it's not exactly much money and not doing so could be a great way to hurry up any demise of the service if it's tettering...
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