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Today I am in big pain. Beeeeeg pain.

Went to bed on Monday night and noticed my back hurt under my right shoulderblade when I lay flat. Odd I thought. Changed position. Nope still hurting. It was a steady insistant pain that occurred in pretty much every position I could concievable sleep in :( I ended up propping myself upright which hurt marginally less and kinda sitting there until I dozed fitfully a bit. About 5am I gave in and took one of my codeine and paracetamol tablets from last time I had this pain (as I was beginning to recognise it now) - it was a bit difficult without water and a dry mouth but I managed eventually :P Finally slept through and had some very odd dreams.

I was fine at work yesterday and kept myself topped up on megaibuprofen tablets and convinced myself it was passing. So I went to tkd - but declined to do the main class cos I knew that would be foolish - instead I taught Aud 1 on 1 in the back room, not really doing anything contentious apart from the occasional turning kick. Went home, had a bath and prepared for a quiet night without any internet, working on a database until 11:20 then heading off to watch the last but one episode of Life On Mars in bed. Took the Codeine tablet after that but it didn't seem to really help and I spent the whole night only able to lie flat with a tightly rolled up sock under the bit that was borked. I'm not sure why but that actually seems to help - maybe it's like getting it massaged or something. Today I'm terrible. Breathing in deeply or laughing causes sharp pain and the low level pain is there all the time :( the ibuprofen have been scoffed which seems to have taken a bit of the edge off it at least.

thing is I had this before on the left side - about 3 years ago around my Black Belt grading - it started like this - and just continued for ages combined with a strange dull achey deadweight feeling in my left arm - at one point it was so bad I had to phone geof to get him to come round and help as I couldn't actually move/get out of bed - eventually it went after I bent over and there was a big zap in my left arm and the pain instantly went. Then the next day I noticed a wide numb streak down my left arm and onto my left thumb. I couldn't do up buttons or stuff for days. Over then next few weeks sensation largely came back but I do still have a small numb section down my wrist to my thumb pad. So now I'm panicing that this is all going to happen again. I got physio last time so at least I know what excercises to do but they didn't *actually* help.

waaa! *sulk* etc.
it'll probably go tomorrow and I'll feel like a right nobber for moaning about it. :)

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