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Man finishes WoW.
[ profile] shygoth with be upset that someone beat him to it
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Orange Recommends

Last night I made a Quorn and Prawn Paella of Doom courtesy of Mr Ainsley Harriot and his cooking kits. It was meant to serve 2 but after me and fuzzy had a big bowl each there was still another big bowl's worth left. It was quite tasty - I must try doing it properly next time (less prawns and 4 chicken thighs so it'd be even bigger) - they had the kits at morrisons on bogof so for £2.50 I got the paella and a rather tasty noodley one.

Orange Geeks

On Tuesday night I made a Guild on WoW on the pvp realm I have a character on (Alliance on Shattered Halls if anyone wants to start a char on a PvP server) - I'd long been cheered by the sight of players on my main's realm who are in the Knights of Cydonia guild so when I realised there wasn't one on SH I decided to create it. It cost me a fair amount of my gold but it was worth it and I have 19 members now (3 of whom are just level 1 chars created by Eddy and Co to sign the charter so a bit cheaty) and there was actual chatting occurring. My favourite moment so far is when a stranger (unfortunately in another guild) came up to and said 'No-one's going to take me alive' to which I replied 'The time has come to make things right' - he saluted me, said 'cool name' and rode off on his fiery mount. Made an old geeky muse fan happy.

Orange Pimps

Woo! DV80s tomorrow night! Excellent stuff! Come along and dance your socks off! I should also pimp our marvellous New Year's Eve bash - ostensibly New Year's Eve 1989 - so it's DV80s up to midnight and NOW after midnight (our 80s night) - double good! :D I'm getting a good vibe about it all *wonders what monstrous decorative structure she can install in the club and under what pretence* :D
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I'm trying to persuade some people to create Gnome Death Knights on WoW (kilrogg) and put them all in the same guild (the tainted - shame it's not Gnometopia) so we can go out in a big swooping fearsome Gnome Death Knight Posse.

I'm trying to think of a good name - you're limited to 12 chars and no spaces and it has to not be taken on that server already... I really wanted Gnomentity but that one's gone. (it's the only one on any server ever and it has to be on ours! typical)

so my current list of possibilities are:
Gnomezilla (and Gnomezukie...?**)

*given the propensity of Daevid for creating female characters I might pick a male one... although male gnomes tend to look facially like Midge with a stupid beard

** actually I'm really beginning to like Gnomezukie... someone else in the guild needs to be Gnomezilla to my Gnomezukie...

for reference here's what they look like:

can you tell I'm bored today?

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