Feb. 6th, 2009 03:31 pm
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pissed off. Turns out our cottage has been double booked so now I have to go through the whole process again but with 2 more weeks worth of people having booked. Whitby Holiday cottages are taking the piss by having all theirs in the £420+ range even though most of the week falls in the £250+ band - this pisses me off - it not half term and it's after easter :(


I was in a good mood today and this has put a real crimp in it. I'm this close to saying fuck it I'm not going.

ah well. Friday Flock tonight and The Slippery Belle tomorrow. We have many visitors to these shores for various parts of the weekend including [ profile] ulfilias, [ profile] eddy_, [ profile] twokan, [ profile] tawdryfilth, rob, [ profile] bikerfaerie, [ profile] tomb_bat and marquis.

Hopefully I'll be feeling less murderous by then

EDIT: have calmed down a bit now. Looking at a place down the non-pedestrianised end of church street - ah well at least it has 2 double beds so tim and jen get one too.
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ooo and another one for the lift beggings

is anyone going on friday day time as Julie ([ profile] wsogmm) could do with a lift over - we'll be bringing her back on monday but she couldn't get thurdsay afternoon off to come over with us. she'll be replete with petrol money and is neither ginger nor annoying

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gosh whitby is just round the corner and I have a giant pile of preperations - trifles like dying my hair and packing. ah well I've done the list so it *should* just be a case of putting stuff in my bag and ticking it off. famous last words...

tonight I'm cooking teryaki salmon for fuzzy and eddy and followed by hair dying and round one of the packathon. Tomorrow daevid turns up - will probably cook a nice spicy meatloaf for him - I've got back into cooking with the joy of having a socialble and well lit kitchen again. shame about the electric cooker - the temptation to get a gas one fitted and store the shite little electric one in the cellar is high.

packing got a little sidelined last night by the arrival of glorious broadband to the FOC house - managed to utilise the existing built in network cables and my wireless router to provide hot steamy broadband piped into every room from my command centre cave. it's super fast at the moment with the entire 1.6gb WoW update downloading in about 10-15 minutes. installing it took an eternity though as ever! oddly I didn't actually play WoW apart from to sort out my talent trees on my main character and her pets (tusky the bushpig, bolan the pink and purple raptor and lionel blair the lion) the house seemed eerily empty last night as we were all in our respective rooms (or caves in my case) hugging the internet and downloading porn.

in other news I bought another buzz (the popquiz one with videos) and fallout 3 - turns out fallout 3 should run on my 2.5 year old system although I may well upgrade the graphics card when I get back from whitby. Also mr Neal pointed me at a website ( that sells revamped versions of old games that run ok on xp and vista and I'm mightily tempted to get fallout 1 as it's only $5.99 and I very much enjoyed re-playing fallout2 last year.
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and not *just* for me this time.

first off the lovely (and pretty housetrained for a ginger so no worries about poops in the back of your car) [ profile] eddy_ would like a lift from leeds to whitby on the wednesday - earlyish arriving lunch or afternoon rather than late at night.
not sure if he needs one back too - I think he's planning on coming back to leeds on the wednesday so anything in that direction would be welcome also.

I just need a lift over on the thursday afternoon as usual - I have a half day so will be back home by about 2ish and looking to leave as soon after that as possible

petrol money and bad singing will be provided by both parties (ok so the singing is optional)
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Yay! we have our Whitby cottage booked for October - were beginning to panic as everywhere was booked!
managed it through in the end.

and breathe!

Julie came round on monday night and we ate tasty tasty curry (oh nazaams how I love thee!) and watched the whole of the second series of goodness gracious me. (what's the blandest thing on the menu? the mashed potato - it's *really* bland :D )

Last night taekwondo only went on til 8:30 as Alex was leaving to move to Australia - he gave us a Wave Master - one of those big freestanding kicking dodads that has a base filled with water - we had uber fun biffing the crap out of it for an hour and a half! We might put his face on it so we can think of him as we kick it. We went to the pub to drink him off and much bad joke telling ensued (Eddy - they liked your joke) and then suddenly it was midnight. Not quite sure how that happened - I'd planned a nice quiet evening! I'll miss his little half Japanese half Luxembourgian face. :(

Tonight I dine on Sushi with Julie-Anne - I was thinking of going to rock soc afterwards but I really have to do some washing and have a quiet night at some point or I'll be really tired *and* smelly :P
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maffball footage and post match interviews here:
be warned. you may see fuzzy in pants...


Apr. 28th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Whitby went remarkably well given how badly it could have gone. I managed to have no emotional meltdowns which is always a bonus. although I think my brain may have been saving it all for when I reached a safe distance as I'm feeling pretty meh and inadequate right now. might just be standard post whitby blues I suppose.

anyway here's my write-up before I pass out.

thursday )

friday )

saturday )

sunday )

Today )

have amused myself whilst typing this by watching the webcam of the bridge. eddy and sara stopped and waved on their way to the beach party (sob!! one year I'll make it!) and I'm sure I spotted [ profile] faye_darkelf wandering past a while back.

now bathtime and washing I think.

*waves at all the new people she met* I'll attempting to remember you and add you - feel free to add me if I fail!
*waves at all the leeds, birmingham, edinburgh and various other people she already knew*


Apr. 24th, 2008 09:13 am
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hmm... would turning up to whitby already drunk be a bad thing?
at the best of times I can only blend when I'm blended and this is not the best of times.
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still not got a lift back from whitby on monday. if anyone would like to save me the hell of the coastliner back to leeds AND earn some petrol money on monday afternoon/evening then let me know or I'm on the 6:18 bus!

Our taekwondo instructor appeared to make a pretty concerted effort to kill me and several other pupils last night. Ladder training. sounds so innocent. you probably think it involves running up and down over people's legs. oh no. no.
Ladder training involves 2 paddle holders at either end of the hall, holding paddles crossed for double kicking. inbetween them 4 people bend over in the role of leapfrogee. the poor victim leapfrogs over the 4 and kicks the paddle at the end. they then leapfrog back and kick the paddle at the other end. one. then they leapfrog back and do a double kick (a kind of springing kick not just 2 seperate kicks) and then leapfrog back and do another double kick at the other end. two. leapfrog triple. leapfrog back triple. three. then 5. then 7. then 7 (so that's 4 lots of septupal kicking) then 5, 3, 2, 1 (mmm prime numbers were never so tiring)

I assure you that even if you think it sounds hard it's much harder than you think it sounds. thankfully he set a 3 minute cap on it so I only got to the point of just being about to do the first 3 on the way back down from the 7s. I've had to do the whole lot before now on the summer course - possible with 5 leapfrogees. I think there were tears =P the worse bit is landing heavier and heavier and the poor leapfrogees as you get tired. all of which weighed at least 2 and a half stone less than me and generally were even lighter than that. a couple of the super fit people managed it in the 3 minutes and adam himself has set a record of 2:15 for it a few years back.

I needed my asthma inhailer after that. I hurt today. yes it was only 3 minutes but it was a pretty damn relentless 3 minutes and the sandwich I'd had before training was threatening to make a re-appearence. the rest of the lesson was similarly physical too. how come this shit never makes me fitter?

also it's been confirmed that due to an error on behalf of the events sec at the club I'm now in the team AND individual competitions on Sunday. Adam keeps saying that this is a chance for 2 medals whereas I know it's a chance for 2 pummellings. I'm going to be Sarah Merrick by whitby.
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I'd just like to say


*boing boing boing*

and YES I'm starting early but as I have to look forward to before then is being utterly pummelled at least twice then I have to take my joy where I can.


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