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Good morning Amigos de Orange!
And how are you today? Marvellous!

Not really updated much recently except for whining and bitching so I thought I'd best balance this with some waffling and badly constructed prose. If you're lucky there may be punning - if you're *really* lucky I may forget to do any!

Went dahn sarf last weekend to hang out with Daevid da Pixie. Went out for tasty Greek foods (nom nom Dolmades, Stifado and Kelftiko nom nom) in Peterborough on the Friday night and on Saturday we headed to sunny Old Hunstanton to stay in the Lodge. And very nice it was too. The weather was thankfully good and we went out to sit on the rocks (the tide was in so no rockpools were available) in the relentless wind (no individual gusts - just one long standing-in-front-of-a-high-powered-fan type blast) - it was very soothing. Later we headed into (presumably new) Hunstanton for a paddle, a pootle, some retail therapy and some fish 'n' chips. Braved the pub downstairs for a half pint with the drunken, rowdy locals (one of whom said "hello ladies" whilst approaching our table just as D got up to go to the bar - the audiable squawk of "argh it's a bloke" was priceless)

Weather was slightly less solubrious the next day so we didn't play pirate/aztec crazy golf as originally planned. We did go into the slightly over-priced SeaLife Centre though. Kinda balked at the £11 in but then figured they do conservation and seal rescue work so forgave them. Glad I did - there was a huge shallow tank with small sharks and rays in it - they came to the surface by the edge to look at you and kinda invited a little bit of tickling :) there were lots of good things to look at (shark's and ray's eggs in the hatchery! rescued seal pups that had been abandoned by their mothers! penguins!) but the hightlight for me was the otters. I love otters - possibly as much as I love tamarins and marmosets. We managed to catch them at feeding time - there were lots of small children around cooing at them. The keeper gleefully informed us that their favourite food was day-old chicks. This appeared to be true as they went at them with much gusto in a nom nom nom crunchy chick nom nom kinda fashion. I don't think the small children were impressed. At least the chicks weren't all fluffy and still alive I suppose :)

This week brings further excitement with the arrival of [ profile] pyropaws today for househunting. Tomorrow is Karaoke at OK Karaoke which should be carnage amusing :) Then on Friday we have SNICKT!, a comic book themed night, at the club. I have to try and think of a suitable costume before then. Sounds like we have the pleasure of a freshly-returned-from-Australia [ profile] _insecure_ too! Woo! :D

Then it's Mr Glenn and Ms Jo's wedding reception on Saturday night. Splendid!
Busy weekend. But not as busy as the one after it... DV80s, Unity Day, Slippery Belle and Gay Pride....
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itching aside I've had a lovely weekend :)

on friday night I left work early and got a train from Manchester to Birmingham and met my dad at Chester Road station in Erdington. We ordered a nice big take away whilst I fielded calls from a not actually very lost [ profile] daevid. Arrived at Dad's, found D and ate takeaway - then Dad proceeded to get all his guitars out and talk guitar and amp stuff at D whilst making him play them all. bless. I was getting flashbacks to my childhood. It was good though and I'm glad they had something in common to talk about. We watched lucky number sleivin which was a very dark film indeed - quite odd.

Saturday saw us heading out at 9am to get to Wales. Apart from some bad traffic in the last 70 miles the journey went well and we made good time. Got to the castle and the weather was lovely - which was good seeing as it had been really quite grim the day before apparently. The chapel was wonderfully distressed - no decor except a single drape of cloth at one end and some candles - there was a Harpist too with a full sized concert harp! Lizzy looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and with her hair all up with flowers and shrubbery in it - I don't think I've ever seen her in proper girly clothes before - was pleased to see she'd not bowed to pressure and was only wearing a little bit of mascara - she's one of those sickeningly beautiful women constructed of cheek bones, beautiful shoulders, and gorgeous hair that doesn't need to or desire to wear any makeup. sickening! There were 2 stiltwalking laydeez in period dress stalking round harrassing the guests in the champagne and canapes section after the ceremony - excellent :)

the reception was marvellous - I got to catch up with my old school chum allison and her new husband and her bump - she's 7 months pregnant after vowing never to get married and doubly so to never have kids! pfft! Also got to see Dave - a school days chum from the boys school down the road - he went out with Lizzy briefly when we were in sixth form but it was very much a hand holding nothing going on kinda relationship - a year or so later he realised he was gay and I got to meet his partner Steven at the wedding - they've just moved back to Manchester after having a B&B in France for a number of years. hopefully they'll come over to pride and to visit Leeds soon - must look up the dates. All in all a lovely day with some silly dancing and tasty foods where I got to catch up with old friends and new friends from the Hen Do

Headed off by 9:30 and made it to HoG in Birmingham by 1pm due to some nice clear roads. D and I picked up essential supplies (lots of meat and 15 cans of strongbow) and we had a lovely bbq in the sunny garden whilst [ profile] eddy_, John, Jo and Ronan watched the Grand Prix on a portable telly. poor [ profile] miss_corinne appeared to be suffereing a little from the evils of hangover. eventually saw D off as he had to get back to look after Caitlyn and then proceeded to drink all the cider with Eddy and [ profile] deenial. well they helped me a bit but I suspect I drank more than them combined... the rest of the night is a blur - although I remember trying to log on to the work's network to check the backups - being drunk and using a lappy when you're not used to it is hard work! I suspect I then fell asleep in a drooling heap whilst Eddy sniffled along to Armageddon.

Monday was posh dinner day so we headed to somerfield for supplies for Eddy's uber bolognaise (really it has a pound of beef mince, a pound of pork mince, chicken livers *and* streaky bacon in it) and I decided to do stuffed peppers for a starter as they were easy to make vegan for [ profile] tawdryfilth (who was eating some pasta sauce courtesy of mr Grossman) - winged it a bit having not cooked them for years and not having a recipe - seemed to go ok. dinner was had (in full edwardian style garb on my part) and everyone dressed up and was very civilised - yes even you paul :P then I beat everyone at buzz til they were sick of it and fell asleep in another drooling heap.

due to being off work I even managed to do both tkd classes last night - I really need to do that more often as it was much harder work than doing just the seniors one and I need the excercise...

marvellous. now for some soup!
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is it monday again already? zzzz

Friday saw a brief visit to the cheesy vom miasma that surrounded mr foley's for [ profile] maviscruet's leaving do, before heading off to see Rhombus at Flock. They were sounding very polished if rendered somewhat invisible by exeptionally goffic use of their smoke machines. Proceeded to get quite drunk but not as drunk as Daevid :) unfortunately bowed out before the end into a taxi with Tim, Jen and Matt Organic before drunken meltdown occurred.

After an epic lie-in on saturday (til about 2 I think) I introduced D to the Wii Fit and the joys of standing on one leg - we then hauled my new mattress up to my room whereupon I managed to put my neck/shoulder/back out. ow! ate gyros, played fable and realised somewhat belatedly that we should already be at the slippery belle! got there for 9:15 in the end which wasn't bad all things considered although the late kebab eating had scuppered corset wearing. Glad I managed to drag my lardy arse out though as Lady J was delightful and the line up was very good. Was particularly impressed by Mr Mistral - a very statuesque tranny who produced a pair of poi from his bra and wielded them spectacularly - was interesting as he stripped down to his pants and stockings and so removed almost the trappings of trannydom whilst remaining very elegant and beautiful. Also of note was Crimson Skye who did a marvellous skit where she came on in a hockey mask and straight jacket and sang Crazy whilst abusing the audience and gently escaping from her confines (although not actual escapology), finishing up singing to a severed head she produced from a primark bag. She was the queen of mad facial expressions and quite the hoot. Despite being in pain and feeling pooey I had so much fun that I stayed right to the end.

Sunday found me in slightly less pain (after mucho pain-related sleep-fail) mostly watching Bridget and Daevid on the Wii Fit. I then cooked my first ever risotto - which despite fuzzy describing it as quick and easy thing to cook seemed to take me over an hour. was quite tasty though so I may bother again :) went to sheep too which was good as will was on the bar and I got to catch up a bit

Tonight I has the ladies Beckie and Red coming round for wine and tv watching (hmm shall I get them on the wii fit...?) and on wednesday I may foolishly have agreed to cook Keema Curry for Will, Kieran and Pat. Busy!


Feb. 6th, 2009 03:31 pm
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pissed off. Turns out our cottage has been double booked so now I have to go through the whole process again but with 2 more weeks worth of people having booked. Whitby Holiday cottages are taking the piss by having all theirs in the £420+ range even though most of the week falls in the £250+ band - this pisses me off - it not half term and it's after easter :(


I was in a good mood today and this has put a real crimp in it. I'm this close to saying fuck it I'm not going.

ah well. Friday Flock tonight and The Slippery Belle tomorrow. We have many visitors to these shores for various parts of the weekend including [ profile] ulfilias, [ profile] eddy_, [ profile] twokan, [ profile] tawdryfilth, rob, [ profile] bikerfaerie, [ profile] tomb_bat and marquis.

Hopefully I'll be feeling less murderous by then

EDIT: have calmed down a bit now. Looking at a place down the non-pedestrianised end of church street - ah well at least it has 2 double beds so tim and jen get one too.
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Blergh! Marvellous weekend but now I have a stinky cold with inflated head and semi deafness to compound my usual monday morning malaise. bah. might go home at lunchtime as I'm pretty damned useless here...

Flock and gig were ace on Friday - lots of people, great atmosphere and general fun fun fun. Was really good to finally see Rome Burns live - Simon is a great front man - when there was a technical difficulty he treated us to a stanza of the Doug Anthony Allstars classic, 'I fuck dogs' (it's on you tube...) Saturday afternoon was relatively productive. Then my guests and I ate all the cheese and meat on earth. woo! Which meant I was pretty uncomfortable in my corset at the burlesque. great night though - we had the artist formerly known as carrington on (goes under his real name of wayne speed now) who was brill as ever - his chav skit was very good. The place was rammed and the atmosphere was pleasant too :)

Sunday bought groaning and ligging and a giant buzzathon. all good. then chinese foo, Eddy missing his train home and a general decamping to black sheep. Saw off the Huntingdon contingent (and Fuzzy! woo it's odd having him living in leeds now :D ) and ligged pleasantly on bean bags for a catch up with Eddy.

I even managed to log on and do some work when I got home, and I changed the tax codes and stuff at the club - woo - go me!

*goes back to being deaf and having a SAP consultant in*
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Ooo excited about the weekend now. I get to see my beloved's band, Rome Burns, eat tasty noodles at Fuji Hiro, go to Friday Flock (yay!!), have exciting visitors including the marmelade menace for the weekend, go to the Slippery Belle Burlesque, play buzz, eat, drink and be merry.

in other news I had to accept the 107k offer - it's not ideal and whereas I think Al's chum's mate may have given me a little more if pushed the chap who used to work at Park Lane is much less likely to mess me about/pull out. Hey if I win a couple of hundred k on the lottery tomorrow I'll take it off the market :)

in other other news - I have oreos.


Aug. 4th, 2008 05:25 pm
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I haven't done a weekend update for 2 weekends now. damn! better paraphrase a little.

The weekend before last I went to Huntingdon on the choo choo after work. got met by [ profile] ulfilias, had a look round his palace and met his cats before going off to [ profile] jax_o_lantern's house for her birthday gathering with Lee, [ profile] dmh and [ profile] daevid. most pleasant and I didn't get eaten by mosquitos. bonus.

Saturday involved much ligging with Daevid and a brief trip to see Lee again (this time with cake), also popped in to see Caitlyn (Daevid jr) on the way back although she was shy and hid behind her dad from the scary orange lady :)
Tarted up and headed off at the outrageously early hour of 6pm to Londonshire - with a slight detour to an oriental supermarket on the way (are you guys in a band?) eventually found the blue anchor and Emmeline's birthday party - there were some amazing costumes - particularly [ profile] kynon's marvellous soundwave costume. eventually we scarpered to Vagabonds which was fabulously airconditioned and full of goths. Got to hang with [ profile] poggs, [ profile] akira_kev and (eventually!) [ profile] smoke_rising amongst others and a fun night was had again.
Sunday involved ligging, star wars lego on the ps2 and curry with Daevid before heading home.

This Friday just gone involved Tamara's house warming and a surprisingly good Phono reunion thing (I got to schmooze strangers with my friday flock flyers) where I met my old chum Neil after about 13 years! Geoffers was DJing like the old pre-oblivion days which was nice. Good stuff although I did have some guy trying to snog me towards the end which wasn't ideal as he was very pissed and not taking 'er no' as an answer.

[ profile] redfetishfreak came round for some cider on saturday afternoon and Daevid and Lee turned up not long after. I think we scared them by being loud and red-haired at them. [ profile] _insecure_ also arrived and we headed out to the Burlesque. Marvellous! Ms Von Bourbon's fan dance at the end (to a female slow version of love will tear us apart) was absolutely lovely! It was great to see [ profile] cyberlite out all dressed up to the nines too! We did have a surprise licensing visit from 10 or so uniformed officers which put a damper on things for me a little (sober - instantly!) but a good night nevertheless.

Got up on Sunday and made all the eggybread on earth (lee had never even heard of it?!) and headed to town for pride. unfortunately Lee was so crippled we had to forgo the march and just taxi it directly to lower Briggate. met up with [ profile] wsogmm, [ profile] tonyyoung and Kev and drank expensive booze surrounded by brightly coloured people :) some of us headed to Nandos and then we went back to mine so Lee and Daevid could pack. They popped into Black Sheep for a bit then headed off. I on the other hand had to stay and deal with the guy who was coked of his tits and had done 18 years for armed robbery. nice. aparently he had a kilo of coke and would like to fook me all night. joy. how could a girl resist. I managed to handle him relatively well so he didn't kick off or hassle the customers too much (nope - just me) and he left at the end without too much effort. I did keep having to waggle my finger in a stern way at him for repeatedly touching my tits and ass - but without being too threatening to him. phew. effort!

zzzzz roll on bedtime!

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