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itching aside I've had a lovely weekend :)

on friday night I left work early and got a train from Manchester to Birmingham and met my dad at Chester Road station in Erdington. We ordered a nice big take away whilst I fielded calls from a not actually very lost [ profile] daevid. Arrived at Dad's, found D and ate takeaway - then Dad proceeded to get all his guitars out and talk guitar and amp stuff at D whilst making him play them all. bless. I was getting flashbacks to my childhood. It was good though and I'm glad they had something in common to talk about. We watched lucky number sleivin which was a very dark film indeed - quite odd.

Saturday saw us heading out at 9am to get to Wales. Apart from some bad traffic in the last 70 miles the journey went well and we made good time. Got to the castle and the weather was lovely - which was good seeing as it had been really quite grim the day before apparently. The chapel was wonderfully distressed - no decor except a single drape of cloth at one end and some candles - there was a Harpist too with a full sized concert harp! Lizzy looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and with her hair all up with flowers and shrubbery in it - I don't think I've ever seen her in proper girly clothes before - was pleased to see she'd not bowed to pressure and was only wearing a little bit of mascara - she's one of those sickeningly beautiful women constructed of cheek bones, beautiful shoulders, and gorgeous hair that doesn't need to or desire to wear any makeup. sickening! There were 2 stiltwalking laydeez in period dress stalking round harrassing the guests in the champagne and canapes section after the ceremony - excellent :)

the reception was marvellous - I got to catch up with my old school chum allison and her new husband and her bump - she's 7 months pregnant after vowing never to get married and doubly so to never have kids! pfft! Also got to see Dave - a school days chum from the boys school down the road - he went out with Lizzy briefly when we were in sixth form but it was very much a hand holding nothing going on kinda relationship - a year or so later he realised he was gay and I got to meet his partner Steven at the wedding - they've just moved back to Manchester after having a B&B in France for a number of years. hopefully they'll come over to pride and to visit Leeds soon - must look up the dates. All in all a lovely day with some silly dancing and tasty foods where I got to catch up with old friends and new friends from the Hen Do

Headed off by 9:30 and made it to HoG in Birmingham by 1pm due to some nice clear roads. D and I picked up essential supplies (lots of meat and 15 cans of strongbow) and we had a lovely bbq in the sunny garden whilst [ profile] eddy_, John, Jo and Ronan watched the Grand Prix on a portable telly. poor [ profile] miss_corinne appeared to be suffereing a little from the evils of hangover. eventually saw D off as he had to get back to look after Caitlyn and then proceeded to drink all the cider with Eddy and [ profile] deenial. well they helped me a bit but I suspect I drank more than them combined... the rest of the night is a blur - although I remember trying to log on to the work's network to check the backups - being drunk and using a lappy when you're not used to it is hard work! I suspect I then fell asleep in a drooling heap whilst Eddy sniffled along to Armageddon.

Monday was posh dinner day so we headed to somerfield for supplies for Eddy's uber bolognaise (really it has a pound of beef mince, a pound of pork mince, chicken livers *and* streaky bacon in it) and I decided to do stuffed peppers for a starter as they were easy to make vegan for [ profile] tawdryfilth (who was eating some pasta sauce courtesy of mr Grossman) - winged it a bit having not cooked them for years and not having a recipe - seemed to go ok. dinner was had (in full edwardian style garb on my part) and everyone dressed up and was very civilised - yes even you paul :P then I beat everyone at buzz til they were sick of it and fell asleep in another drooling heap.

due to being off work I even managed to do both tkd classes last night - I really need to do that more often as it was much harder work than doing just the seniors one and I need the excercise...

marvellous. now for some soup!
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In a departure from the normal Wednesday night type schedule, [ profile] fuzzygoth, [ profile] cloneboy and I went to A-Rock-A-Lips last night to see the pole dancing Ladies. The bands dragged on a bit - I think the format needs tweaking as people were definitely there for the dancers but were faced with 3 hairy rock bands in a row and so quite a few people had left before the dancers started. It was great to see [ profile] cat_in_a_box there - she's lost loads of weight and the pole dancing has really helped apparently. Fuzzy and I were blown away by the sheer athleticism of the tutor's dancing (the girls there were from the lessons she runs on Monday nights down the club - I am very tempted to go give it a try althought the idea of wearing shorts in front of Will or Kieran gives me the fear) especially when she crucified herself on the ceiling of the club :) A potentially good night - needs a bit of work but has the ingredients :)

The next few days are going to be hectic. [ profile] daevid is up tonight (and should be cooking my tea whilst I'm teaching the senior's class at taekwondo tonight)(eek!) and I have tomorrow off for a wedding - got a dentists (eek eek!) appointment in the morning and then the wedding in the afternoon in Castleford - Rome Burns are playing too :) - after that we'll be heading down to Flock (woo! FLOCK!!) to strut our funky stuff - will miss the Zeitgeist Zero gig unfortunately :(

Saturday may see me getting my hair done although probably not as I've not booked anything yet... then it's off to Manchestah with [ profile] daevid, [ profile] selectnone, [ profile] viciouscabaret and Amanda to see Uberbyte, Deviant UK*and Covenant. I think, due to having a bunch of other people with us, that all we'll be able to do in terms of meeting Manchester Types for a beer is to see them near the venue for an hour before hand (from 6:30?) if they can make it. Can you make it Manchester Types? Can you?

*was amused to note that the 'UK' had been added to all of the tickets by hand in black felt pen :D

And finally - this weekend is the weekend of Team [ profile] attack_monkey's Coyote Rally across parts of Europe.
The brief is to do it in a sub £500 car so they managed to obtain this beautious beast (Decorations deigned by [ profile] fetishman) for £300:

Tim's the bestest Monkey a girl could know and, as many of you know, he developed Lymphoma a few years back and after a very painful, trying and tiring time for him and his loved ones he's now been cancer-free for well over a year which makes us all very happy. Please support your local Tim and donate to one of their worthy causes:

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