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I really should get into the habit of updating during the week so I don't end up doing an awfully waffly friday splurge.

So what's happened since last friday? Flock was marvellous and somehow [ profile] tawdryfilth and I stayed up chatting til 9am (although [ profile] redfetishfreak, luke and I had been singstaring it til about 7am) Got woken up about 4:30pm by [ profile] daevid arriving - which sent me into a flurry of activitiy. The Hu-la-la Summer Burlesque was good although I had to go and stand in the cloakroom whilst the fire performer was on as it was too nerve wracking to watch. Argh that's near the sprinkler head, Argh that's near the backdrop curtain, Argh Argh. I am officially *never* allowing a fire act again. *shudder* We all headed off to [ profile] myz_lilith's Evil Geniuses and Supervillans party when the acts were done and lo it was good. I was an Orange-faced Harridan called Evil Orange (actually a wow guild on our server) taking over world through thickly applied cosmetics and botulism disguised as a perfume sampler. Great party, more singstar (I sang "alone" haha!), I won the most evil laugh category.

Sunday was relatively quiet although D and I headed to black sheep with Al, who was DJing. Had monday off with the intention of heading to Tropical World* but got there and it was closed for a week for annual maintenance. boo! Went to the Thackray Medical Museum instead - which was good - although we only got half way round before closing time (after 2.5 hours!). We gift aided our entrance fee though so got a card allowing us to go back for free some time. It's a very 'readingy'** museum but very interesting.

Monday night was the Eden House gig and lo it was marvellous. Missed Legion and got there just in time for Rhombus. The sound was very good - always a relief - and apart from having to go tell Maisey off for standing on someone's shoulders (dude the ceiling is full of delicate stuff that doesn't need you head banging it or hanging off it- sit on shoulders if you have to but don't stand on them - we've thrown people out for that at other nights!) and getting hassled by the merrion centre about the band's van the night seemed to go with out a hitch. The Eden House were stunning - all 3 singers (and combinations thereof) were very good and the harmonies were spot on. Top Notch.

This week I've had a cold and I've finished Dragon Age: Origins. Boo! I hate finishing games. I spent 117 hours apparently but I did seek out most of the side quests (and also I have a nasty habit of leaving the game on whilst doing other stuff and not pausing them which probably accounts for some of the 20 or so hours extra I spent on the game compared to [ profile] steer... I'm not slow really... *sobs*) I did get tempted to replay as my male elf (also a rogue - doh!) so I could sex up Morrigan and have gay elf-love with Zehvran but I'm not sure I can face the amount of hours of playing mostly the same content that would involve!

I'm off to Huntingdon this weekend. This would be made easier if I hadn't left my luggage in the house - going to have to go home first now. Doh! Greek food tonight (hopefully with the lovely [ profile] dmh too), cinema tomorrow and then Sunday is Caitlyn's 6th birthday so I'll finally get introduced. How very terrifying. :P

How's your week been gentle reader?

* They have crocodiles now apparently - how exciting - maybe we can feed some of the annoying screaming kids to them
** I was going to say 'read-y' but that looks just as bad - see me systematically abuse the English language!***
*** But at least I'm not suffering from the Eden House's level of grammar fail - see current music - surely there's an apostrophe missing there... Dudes! Missing one occasionally is one thing but that's a song title printed on the album sleeve!

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