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as usual watching the olympic taekwondo footage leaves me feeling annoyed. please don't take it as a representation of the sport generally. grrr!
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Taekwondo felt *hard* last night and it wasn't just the heat - I realised that what with one thing and another I hadn't actually done a full lesson let alone the standard 2 full lessons for about 3 weeks. I think I'm going to be in a world of pain tomorrow.

the heat was quite useful and seemed to promote flexibility - I really need to start working on it at home again though - a few years back I set myself the goal of being able to do box splits (I can already do side splits) and got so far but then let it slide - it'd be a big boon to be able to do them so I shall start trying again. I seem to be keeping up the healthy eating too and have lost a few more pounds. woo.

I had my first go at the 3rd Dan poomsae Keumgang (diamond mountain apparently) - one I've always wanted to learn as it looks such fun - lots of standing on one leg looking cool (diamond block) and stamping like a mofo (mountain block) - I realised that, because for years I was the most senior grade in the class, it's the first time I've ever learned a pattern beyond the one I need for my next grading (Koryo)

The last bit of the lesson was breaking. Traditionally women aren't required to do hand breaks at gradings (although I've done knifehand strike through 1" pine at demonstrations a few times) but at the last one 2 of our candidates had to so Adam thought it prudent for us to work on it. Managed punch both sides with a new* black board as well as knifehand both sides. My right hand still hurts a bit due to being a bit sloppy with the punch - needless to say I paid far more attention with the left :P

* the tkders on my flist will know that new boards can be right bastards and this one was no exception

/waffling about taekwondo
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I live!
and I have medals!
blingy blingy medals!

I got silver in the ladies heavy weight - got proper pummelled in the final by caroline though. she kicked me in the head so hard it actually hurt for about an hour and gave me a headache! she's taking her second dan next weekend though so I don't feel too bad.
Our team also got silver in the ladies' team competition - one of my fights ended at 7 7 after 3 full rounds so we had to go to golden point (first to score a point basically) somehow, mostly due to being utterly drained after the previous 3 rounds and partially due to knowing I'm shit at golden point as I'm more reactive than attackive* I managed to make that one last about a minute and a half and when she finally won it was a bad judgement on the electronic score people as she actually kicked my hand not my body armour. ah well I was glad to sit down. and the other 2 won so we went through to the next round.

*yes I made that up

I had 6 fights in all, and I think 10 rounds in total in these fights (three of them only lasted one round as I won them 7 nil - matches end early when someone gets to 12 or there's a 7 point gap or there's a knockout) given I've only ever done one actual proper competition match before that was quite a lot of fighting! I axe kicked at least 3 of my opponents in the face (ball of the foot not heel - one is not trying to kill them) my left hand side is destroyed. too much blocking. my index finger and wrist hurt. my forearm looks like it's been mauled by the ginger and is really swollen and both feet are bruised. nice. I have sandals for one of my spa costumes too...

we also won the ladies team spirit prize - grandmaster loh tends to emphasise that these are very important and certainly the trophy was bigger than the gold for winning the competition - I think this might be because I'm very good at shouting loudly and so my voice was very... audiable as I encouraged my team mates.
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still not got a lift back from whitby on monday. if anyone would like to save me the hell of the coastliner back to leeds AND earn some petrol money on monday afternoon/evening then let me know or I'm on the 6:18 bus!

Our taekwondo instructor appeared to make a pretty concerted effort to kill me and several other pupils last night. Ladder training. sounds so innocent. you probably think it involves running up and down over people's legs. oh no. no.
Ladder training involves 2 paddle holders at either end of the hall, holding paddles crossed for double kicking. inbetween them 4 people bend over in the role of leapfrogee. the poor victim leapfrogs over the 4 and kicks the paddle at the end. they then leapfrog back and kick the paddle at the other end. one. then they leapfrog back and do a double kick (a kind of springing kick not just 2 seperate kicks) and then leapfrog back and do another double kick at the other end. two. leapfrog triple. leapfrog back triple. three. then 5. then 7. then 7 (so that's 4 lots of septupal kicking) then 5, 3, 2, 1 (mmm prime numbers were never so tiring)

I assure you that even if you think it sounds hard it's much harder than you think it sounds. thankfully he set a 3 minute cap on it so I only got to the point of just being about to do the first 3 on the way back down from the 7s. I've had to do the whole lot before now on the summer course - possible with 5 leapfrogees. I think there were tears =P the worse bit is landing heavier and heavier and the poor leapfrogees as you get tired. all of which weighed at least 2 and a half stone less than me and generally were even lighter than that. a couple of the super fit people managed it in the 3 minutes and adam himself has set a record of 2:15 for it a few years back.

I needed my asthma inhailer after that. I hurt today. yes it was only 3 minutes but it was a pretty damn relentless 3 minutes and the sandwich I'd had before training was threatening to make a re-appearence. the rest of the lesson was similarly physical too. how come this shit never makes me fitter?

also it's been confirmed that due to an error on behalf of the events sec at the club I'm now in the team AND individual competitions on Sunday. Adam keeps saying that this is a chance for 2 medals whereas I know it's a chance for 2 pummellings. I'm going to be Sarah Merrick by whitby.
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I'm getting a fear of the competition right now. I was going to get pummelled by some 6 foot black belt anyway but now I'm going to get extra pummlled due to missing a week's training a week before the competition.

sucks to be me! probably through a straw by the end of next sunday :P

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