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thanks to daevid for the flyer :)

the event is up for the splosh fundraiser. Not all acts are sorted yet but even with the ones we definitely have it sounds like it's going to be very silly indeed. 2 lots of 'mud' wrestling ([ profile] miss_behave and [ profile] _insecure_ and me and someone else - hopefully [ profile] redfetishfreak). various sketches and burlesque things that are suitably sploshy. Em Brulee doing some endurance singing whilst we try and put her off in a sticky manner. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A PIE AUCTION WHERE YOU GET TO BID ON ONE OF TWO CUSTARD PIES TO LOVINGLY PIE [ profile] cloneboy WITH. :D

I'm very much looking forward to it although no doubt it'll be a nightmare to organise - Jack should be a big help though with his years of custard experience. Dawn and her friend Lily Belle are coming up all the way from Bristol/Swansea to perform too! woo!
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I'm considering dates for the splosh event. I figure we'll run it 3-7pm or something like that - there should be darkness still at 7pm so people can escape into the night :D

I think the 27th March is out as Arise starts earlyish and has bands on so they'll want to be sound-checking in our window.

3rd of April is contentious as the weekend is already choca-block with the 10th anniversary sheepish flock, Now (90s night) and an extended easter sunday black sheep. I suspect there may be quite a crowd overlap with flock so having it on a two flock weekend might be a bad move. unless we bill it as dairystock and try and sell it as a weekender :P

10th April was looking ideal but then Jack pointed out that it was Gotham that weekend so he'd be driving legion down south :( can't really run a splosh event without Jack as it's his fault in the first place and I don't imagine Legion can get someone else to drive them down...

17th April - do-able - yes it's before the wendyhouse but we plan to be finished by about 7pm so it shouldn't stop anyone going. It's also the same day as the wetspot burlesque though which might mean we lose some of our volunteers if they're performing there.

24th April is Whitby and after that seems too far away.

anyone got thoughts - I'm going to post something similar on facebook where all the burlesquers live but I thought I'd run it past you guys first.

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