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so it's several months on and I'm still amused by the fact my tongue piercing squeaks when I drink pop from a can or bottle... easily amused? moi?

Didn't go running last night as my knees are a world of creaky pain at the mo from over-doing it with taekwondo and running recently - didn't think this'd be too much of an issue as it's taekwondo tonight - but this morning I woke up with the shoulder/back/neck pain from last year again and can hardly move :(
stooopid creaky old body :( :(

ah well this weekend looks pleasant. I have dinner with Jen and Kieran at fuji-hiro tomorrow possibly followed by an evening run if I get home in time and I'm not too full of noodles. Saturday is Nigel's bbq and then the return of Nightclub of the Living dead. Hopefully on sunday the weather will be nice enough for a POD followed by the extended bank holiday black sheep. Erm there may be a man whos been messaging me on facebook coming along... how scary
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Tonight I have Fuzzy and his housemate visiting. YAY! I foresee takeaway :)

Before that we have the Taekwondo AGM. Which, rather shockingly, means that as of today I have been doing Taekwondo for 6 years as I'm the only pupil left from the first class. Hmm I have to admit I don't feel 6 years good. I know I have an awful lot of tkd knowledge in my head, often far more than I realise, but physically I'm not as good as I should be given I've spent 6 years of my life doing this! then again I'm 6 years older than I was when I started as a fresh-faced 31 year old and until recently was the oldest person in the class by a good 3 years. it's been 6 years of highs and lows, of injuries and achievements. It's not always gone smoothly and there have been a few arguements and disappointments along the way - not least when I quit for a month just over a year ago - but that very much taught me how much it's in my brain and is a way of life even if you only do it like a completely innept amateur like I do - I just couldn't stay away as it felt like breaking up with someone unnecessarily!

Bridget and I went running again last night. I'd had 2 pints in hudds with [ profile] jacoby_swift, [ profile] scarletkitti and the kids beforehand which didn't actually have any discernable positive or negative affect on the experience. We're keeping the run/walk ratio the same next time as B was finding it quite hard going but I think she's improving and I'm pretty amazed at how untired it's leaving me - although it is a slower pace than I'm used to. yay anyway.

today is Saint Gobain's international environment, health and safety day, which, much like last year, mostly involves sitting in a room watching a video where a series of rich and powerful French men shout at us telling us not to hurt ourselves so much and to recycle more. yeah cos that works :P
*trips over a discarded cardboard box*

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