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I can't help but think tonight one of the biggest monsters we ever created finally found some rest.
it was an absolute 'show and tell' of what happens when the media takes something lovely and sweet and corrupts it *because it can* because that's it's purpose - to sell - and normality doesn't sell.
we live in a world of constructed reality and false importance because the media says that this is what you should *strive* for and that this is *perfection*. and we fucking let them. every single time you open your mouth and slag off some Hollywood starlet's saggy thighs or laugh about someone famous's divorce meltdown this is what you make. a world where the media can take a nice place and somehow make everyone feel bad about it. cos it sells papers. not because it's actually important.
I feel bad for Michael Jackson, I really do - I remember when he was just a young bloke making some music. I'm not sure quite how we made him and so many other famous people feel the need to be quite so grotesque in the persuit of normality.

gah I'm so going to read this in the morning and cringe - now I know how [ profile] deathboy feels :P

it was seeing this on [ profile] bitbat's journal that set me off last night. I don't think that Michael Jackson died last night...

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