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Ladies and Gentlechaps, I turn 40 this year. On the 22nd of December to be precise. In honour of this most momentous of occurrances I've booked the Brudnell Social Club for some sort of shindig.
I'm hoping for 2 silly bands, undecided as yet, but fear not, normal people amongst you, for they will not be goth bands. I was hoping for some silly pole dancers but I think that has been scuppered unless I can find someone with a stage pole we can borrow (as the venue has a suspended ceiling so is not good for standard poles) There should also be some very silly dancing girls (and maybe boys...) and some silly music for dancing too.
I imagine the finger buffet will be quite serious but you can't have everything eh ;)

anyhoo - it's a kind of open invite thing - bring your friends - leave your drama - worship at the temple of decrepitude.

keep you eyes peeled for further details.

any questions?


Apr. 29th, 2009 03:03 pm
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The ever talented [ profile] ladyserpentine has completed a second portrait of me! eee she's good :) commission her to paint you! she's reasonably priced, especially given the vibrant nature of her wall-enhancing paintings! Part of me wants to buy this one but to have 2 portraits of one's self might be a little narcissistic (clearly not as much as if I put them up in the living room of a shared rented house :P )

and for anyone who missed it yesterday here is notice of our intent to finally have a housewarming party at chez FOC

the plan

Dec. 21st, 2005 11:47 am
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right I think there are 12 of us going to fuji-hiro so I'll give them a ring.
let me know if you're in the list and you're not coming for noodles otherwise I'll see you at fuji-hiro at 8:

me, [ profile] fetishman, [ profile] attack_monkey, [ profile] brummie_ninja, [ profile] snakey666, [ profile] redfetishfreak, [ profile] iicatsii, [ profile] miss_behave, [ profile] wsogmm, [ profile] darkstones, [ profile] john_hat, [ profile] zheers, bug and ste baker

anyone who's helping but not noodling I'll see at the phono at 9:30 and the rest of you I'll hopefully see sometime after 10

and sorry to anyone else who wanted noodles but fuji-hiro can't deal with more volume


Sep. 7th, 2005 02:04 pm
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I know this is well in advance and stuff but - I think I've managed to book the phono for my birthday party - on my actually birthday for once! it's usually about a week before! I'm not going to get too excitied cos I guess there's a chance phono geoff may decide to reschedule when someone more important than me (i.e. someone with an established night that runs on a thursday) decides they want the date due to its proximity to xmas. but hey for the time being at least:

Sarah Orange's 29F Birthday Party
9-2am Thursday 22nd December, Bar Phono

all welcome* - free entry.
sweeties. snacks. balloons. party poppers. me trying to stop paul dj-ing.

*unless I hate you

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