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This is why we got shut down early on NYE. Gits!

We're looking into whether we can get compensation as we had a 6am license and had to chuck people out at 2:30am

Anyhoo. Happy New Year chaps. Sorry I've not been on before now - had millions of people at the FOC so didn't get near the pc - by the time they'd gone I was in the grips of major new year lergy with amazingly painful sinuses (hell even my teeth hurt on saturday night)
NYE and Flock were great fun (even if I did have to leave NYE before the abrupt end due to escorting a drunken princess across the galaxy) - thanks to all you guys that came out and raised the temperature a little bit. Very enjoyable.

Baby Red came up this weekend but got me mostly bubbling nasally at her. fun! Was lovely to see her though. Never thought I'd be too ill to eat my dinner at fujihiro... the shame...

joy to being back at work. JOY!!
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thanks to everyone for the concern and wonderful invites for NYE. I've decided to go to Pandora and Marquis' party near Chesterfield which will be attended by the esteemed mr Fuzzygoth and the delightful Ms Corinne (Birmingham not Blackpool variety)

I wish I could be at every place I've been invited to and my thoughts will be with you when the year turns :)

much love.


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