Oct. 15th, 2008 09:23 am
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Yeah so the bad back turned out to be a bad back not just a sleeping funny thing. It's was still hurting on monday but has gone nowy. Many apologies to Keef, Jamie and Mutt for not making it out on Friday night. I wrapped myself in a duvet and lay on the sofa motionless, watching fight club with [livejournal.com profile] fuzzygoth. didn't sleep much.

Saturday involved more lifting (or pointing at things needing lifting), fishtank relocation. trips in [livejournal.com profile] _pyromancer_'s van, the wearing of protective clothing and some extremely ick carpet lifting. the foam backing on 2 of the 3 carpets had entirely disintigrated leaving piles of dust a centimeter deep in places. managed to just make it to the tip in time. had to remove some railings so fuzzy and al could get the fridge freezer out of the cellar - it's now sitting forlornly in the garden waiting for someone to pick it up. got back to the new house (via a van full of my plant pots including the belfast sink - yay!) and feasted on pizza and sweet sweet boozes.

Sunday was back to the house for more - al bravely helped clear under the kitchen sink where, amongst other horrors, a completely rusted through baking tray lurked. we managed to clear the top 2 floors apart from my pc (set up in the spare room with the monitor on a garden chair and me sitting on the floor - we don't have internet at the new place yet :P)

the past 2 nights have been spent there throwing out the last scraps of stuff (by scraps I mean the 9+ bin bags around my bins which are now full to busting despite being emptied on monday), scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping, touching up scratches in the living room paintwork (I figure he's more likely to keep the magnificent decor if it's not got scrapes) and transporting stuff to the new house. he's viewing at 11am today so send good vibes at that time. or turn around and stand outside looking menacing.

tonight brings a trip to IKEA (woo IKEA!) with Jack to buy exciting stuff for the new house - some communual stuff as there's no storage anywhere (yay! booze corner!), a computer desk for my cave and a rather nice 4x4 expedit unit for my bedroom. then I can get on with the job of sorting the new house out - as it's rammed full of boxes of shite from the old place. aaaaand relax...
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so, whinging aside, what's the rub in Orangeland?

Moved into the new house on Saturday. have failed to unpack anything apart from the cookbooks and my bedroom entertainments. (oi! dirty! I mean my seperate system, cds, vinyl, dvd player and telly) I got a bit wrapped up in playing with my records and even inflicted abba and tangerine dream on poor daevid :) I did try and make up for it by playing Jordan Minnesota at him but I'm not sure the shouts of "fuck daddy" really helped wash away the swedes.

Never realised how many clothes I have given I wear the same old shit again and again. 3 really big boxes, 3 drawers, 2 holdalls and a laundry basket full. plus the socks, pants, and tights bags, the pile I chucked and the bag I've put to one side for the multiblack goth swap.

The new house feels nice - my new room is over half as big again as the old one and I'm attempting to contain my computer clutter in a walk in cupboard (henceforth known as orange's caven in homage to oracle's caven) off the spare room (henceforth known as the ginger suite due to eddy virtually living there) The boiler isn't working so no heating or hot water but a chap should be in looking at it today. the kitchen is fine (apart from the bloody electric cooker but I'm vaguely considering other options there) and it's really nice having one on the same floor as the living room - it feels easier to pop into and cook/clean. could do with a table or some more storage or something, and a the booze cupboard needs furnishing correctly. the back alley is perfect for fuzzy's bike as it's locked at the top and he can make his bike invisible behind the dustbins. living room is *much* smaller than the old one and quite cramped but I'm working on cosy :) bathroom is utterly spartan and needs a mirror, some towel storage and some shelving. thankfully the shower is electric so we can use that despite the boiler ills.

am kinda failing to unpack at the mo as the living room needs tweaking and some shelves putting up - I was kinda hoping to get stuff done this weekend but the old house is going to eat my time instead. I need a trip to ikea sometime next week if anyone has a decent sized car and would like to join me (there will be petrol money! woo!) - they're open til 10! I need to get the 4*4 version of the cupboard we have in the club's cloakroom for my bedroom plus a whole host of other shite for the house. (no more tupperware! no more saucepans!)

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