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off work sick today - and not just as a way of getting sneaky extra packing time. I've had a headache since last night that doesn't care about ibuprofen, massive upper back pain and dizziness. it's probably just stress - I felt so icky this morning I put the house signing back til midday - and still nearly passed out on the way there. the headache eventually got some visuals but they thankfully didn't last long. made it to morrisons to get some cheese, meat, bread and sweet stuff for a mid move nibble for people tomorrow. beery stuff and pizza are for after the work is done.

have managed to get some more packing done - of the gentle sitting on the spot variety because standing up makes me dizzy again. also managed to tread on a really crunchy old dead bumblebee. erk that thing crunched so loudly it made me feel physicallly sick. *shuddder*

hair dye on (think it's pooey brown - could be a shock!) and bath soon then to town to meet Eddy and wait around for an hour until Daevid gets in. then FLOCK. no baby red - she can't get out of work :( but kath and suz are also heading leeds wards too so it's not all grumbles :)

reading the replies to my last post made me get misty eyed :) sentimental old baggage...
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Am beginning to feel very sad about moving out. For 10 years this has been *my* home and sanctuary.
I think of the cats I've had here.
The friends and lovers I've had here.
The parties I've had here.
So many memories.

It's a broken old thing now and needs someone to give it a good kicking and spend some money on it - I just wish it could be me. Ah well. New house and eventually I'll be able to start saving for another one of my own.

still sad though.


Oct. 1st, 2008 12:09 pm
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hmm - it's wednesday - is that too early to go FLOCK!!!! and bounce up and down in an excited fashion yet? is it? is it!?

more importantly - it's looking increasingly likely that Al and I will be moving house on saturday. I'm going to view it this afternoon (to look for any niggles and to work out where stuff will go) and then I'm off to sign for it on friday morning. I've lived here for 10 years now so there's a lot of stuff, plus furniture to move. am hoping to rent a tail lift van for those heavy items... but more importantly I need helpers to form human chains to prevent stair climbing and for general lugging purposes. people who help out will be rewarded with some beer type stuff and some pizza type stuff once we've finished.
so! a poll!

[Poll #1270318]

would like to start fairly early - about 11 or so I imagine - no idea how long it will take - the van will be big so there shouldn't be too much tooing and froing between the 2 houses (a 10 minute walk)
it will be pretty hard work I imagine but the more people that help the better - then we can all drink beer and exchange war stories - tis the leeds 6 way :D

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