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I do so love it when someone accidentally forwards an email to someone that contains a reply further down where you're insulting them.
Even better when it's my team leader. If I mysteriously disappear tell the police to check out Ruzwan's alibi....

In other news London is looming closer and I'm getting excitable looking at stuff to do on the Sunday/Monday. I have a definite plan to go to The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities and the British Library Gothic exhibition. And Harrods food hall. Always Harrods food hall...

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Next weekend I'm forsaking Leeds and it's marvellous denizens for a trip to Huntingdon to visit the ever lovely [ profile] daevid - on the Saturday night we shall, with Messers [ profile] ulfilias and [ profile] dmh, be attending Vagabonds which I believe is near London Bridge. It'd be funky to see some of you Londonites down there - if only to keep me safe and sane in this dark corner of your hallowed city. I know it's a goth club and not necessarily to everyone's taste but really it's been about 4 years since I went out in London Town (camden underworld with [ profile] breadlord and [ profile] whiteivy which scared the pants off me!) so humour me!

so Cheeky Cokerney Cnuts... interested?

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