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in hommage to the write up of my last visit to japan I shall yet again utilise the power of bullet points.

Notes from my Hols

  • yet again with the rain on the first night and umbrella-fear. we all bought them this time as they were only£2.50. how can an industry survive producing £2.50 umbrellas? by making them a little shonky - both mine and Neal's were broken by the end of the first night - but in a truly british stylee we carried them for days rather than throw them away

  • it's really shocking to see whale on the menu

  • not all things on sticks are tasty - at least one of the bits of yakitori we ordered on the first night was chicken skin

  • the glutinous balls are surprisingly tasty and possibly nutritious

  • Iain will eat almost anything once - this is useful

  • they don't seem to 'irrashaimasen' quite as much and as alarmingly as they used to

  • if you order stuff like starters and mains at the same time they will bring them at the same time or in some really random order - order one lot of food, eat it, press the bell, order more food

  • for 'camembert' read 'philadelphia'

  • the park hyatt is so posh that it *doesn't* have squirty japanese techno toilets

  • also it doesn't give you moist towelettes before you eat because you are obviously posh enough to wash your hands in the restrooms first aren't you

  • there's not a whole pile of nightlife in miyajima island after 9pm

  • but there are an alarming number of people wandering around in dressing gowns

  • all the health benefits of a brisk walk up a mountain are quickly eroded by eating 1.5 large chocolate bars per person when you reach the top

  • the Japanese sometimes hide video games characters in their temple gardens to see if you are Paying Attention. possibly.

  • Designer Hello Kitty is just plain RIGHT!

  • 11 course Traditional Japanese meals are pretty fucking scary I can tell you. even if they *do* lack steamed kitten faces. why was there an oyster in a tea pot? TELL ME!!

  • Just because you can fit into size L Japanese Lolita costumes does not necessarily mean you should

  • There are no more bear ears

  • There are Giraffe ears. having 4 bumps on the top of your head seems like extra value

  • breaking the LCD display of your SLR film camera before you even get to Leeds Bradford airport is remarkably full of fail

  • Louis Vuitton is as common as fuck

  • Osaka is actually pretty good

  • you can never buy too much tat. I appear to have nearly run out already

  • the cute has got recursive - everything wears a costume. I have an uber cute seal rendered paralisingly cute by being in a removeable pink fluffy bunny costume. neal has the same seal in a bee costume. and a hello kitty in a CAT costume... erm...

  • you can buy some pretty hot looking boy love by the looks of it in shinjuku

  • goths are the same the world over. there are clearly only 10 or 12 different goths on earth. I swear we meet a Japanese version of Fudge

  • the rooms in the akasaka prince are really nice even if you don't get an upgrade. but hell why not try for the upgrade cos those suites are even nicer

  • large, deep hot mineral spring baths make your boobs float

  • whalesharks have entourages

  • watching the column of spinning anchovy for too long can give you neck ache and make your head go funny but it's very pretty

  • it's some how *very* british to get terribly surprised and excited that that big boat just there is the QE2

  • the japanese do not appear to have heard of VNV nation

  • it's possible to get sick of fish pretty damned quickly

  • it's even more shocking to see turtle on the menu

  • if you don't look out of the window in a curry house in toyko you could be in a curry house here

I'm sure I'll think of some essential ones later and add them. tired now :)
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I've uploaded some of my japan photos here but I'm tired now so I'm going to stop. this is probably a third to a half of what might go up eventually...

bedtime soon - early start tomorrow.
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as we're changing in the EU we can't buy any duty free liquids in japan. For 'security' reasons. I had my eye on a litre of absolut. bah.

we *can* buy stuff on the plane as it's an EU based carrier but that's so not going to be cheap.


at least I found this out before I bought stuff. unlike Neal. ooops.

In related news - Brad you have first dibs on 200 lucky strike softpack for 12 quid

last night

Mar. 25th, 2008 07:17 pm
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the tat has been bought (oh! the tat!!)
the food has been eaten (oh! the food!!)

tonight is out last night. will be glad as well as sad to get home.

early start tomorrow, will be back nearly 24 hours after we start out. bah.

seeeeee yous!
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it's nice to know that the same types of goths exist everywhere. although the wendyhouse doesn't tend to have a rope bondage and whipping session involving cute loligoths on stage at 5am... sort it out glenn.

2nd attempt at going shopping in harajuku today as yesterday we got too absorbed in kiddyland (a giant toyshop, not a dodgy theme park...) and watching teddyboys.

cuddly seals dressed as bunnies and bees are the cutest things on earth. Giraffe ears are the new bear ears which is just as well as there weren't any bear ears.

we complained that our room was too hot. they said we could move. in a rare moment of complaining I said I didn't want to move unless it was to a better room. we're in a suite again now
we are made of win
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today we saw animals lika armadillos and tamarins and a panda.
tonight we attempt a goth club.


Mar. 21st, 2008 08:56 am
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We've just had out 7th night here - our first back at the Akasaka Prince (well it's the Akasaka Grand Prince now but there's no noticable difference) - we ate last night at the splendid Vientnamese restaurant we found last time - still well nommy.

Osaka was great - it felt very different to Tokyo - a bit 'cooler' even - although that may have just been the very trendy area we were staying in (Shinsaibashi) I found a Lolita shop and a Goth shop. Money may have changed hands. eek. Osaka was full of win generally - I finally found Blendy (shonky instant coffee I became addicted to last time) in one of the convieniece shops we'd already checked in other cities.

Iain has become addicted to the drumming game (hmm must look up the name from an old lj entry) and him and Neal have thumb blisters. Fools. Julie and I may have a pile of cuddly toys from playing girl games in the arcades. The shame.

Off to tourobomb the huge temple at Asakusa today, have been relatively restrained on the temple/shrine front having recieved a giant dose on Miyajima.

Orange over and out.
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we`ve gone native


Mar. 16th, 2008 10:08 pm
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still alive stop bought all the stickers stop send more monies stop need crabhats stop

In other news we just had an 11 course traditional japanese meal which did not included steamed kitten faces. which did not include steamed kitten faces. pah.
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Well I'm packed. Now to play WoW until about 4am when our taxi comes to take us to Leeds Bradford International* for our flight to Heathrow. not really looking forward to the 5 hours between arriving at Heathrow and getting on a virgin atlantic plane to Tokyo Narita airport.

I'm really developing the 'argh! I've forgotten something!' stomach at the moment. Got passport, got hotel details, got flight details, got train tickets, got travellers cheques, got pants. Annoyed I can't take my straighters as they don't have the right voltage. bah. Want to be sleek to go to Midnight Mess on the 22nd :) My suitcase/wheely-bag-thing feels quite empty - clearly this is a sign for me to buy tonnes of tat. ooo gotta find 4 more pairs of socks before I go - doh - not that that will fill it up. blee. nervous and excited.

*drinks a glass of wine*

hmm maybe 2 pairs of trousers and 3 skirts is not enough clothes for 12 nights? *panic* but hey I have 2 cameras - priorities chaps :)

I shall be back late on the 26th and am then off to Birmingham on the 28th for a couple of days - no doubt I shall be thoroughly sick of rice by then like I was last time. Wish me** luck!

** and [ profile] wsogmm, [ profile] selectnone and Iain too.

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