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no man is an island. unlike burley park station which was surrounded by a random wide, deep flood. someone had constructed a stepping stone (it really was that bad and as wide as the whole road) and another half hearted one that sank when you stood on it so once I was over (via some impressive early morning leaping) I found an abandoned formica desk top and constructed a jetty which was more effective than the wonky stepping stone. engineering at 7:30am...

Weekend was marvellous but marred by a sudden cold which cost me a day off sick on monday due to puffyheaditis. Flock was most enjoyable - although I can't actually remember what occurred! Slippery Belle was heaving and actually ran through til past 2 with an active dance floor (tends to die off about 1 most times) - the bone shakers were a definite highlight - they have the whole comedy burlesque troupe thing off to a T - go see them at whitby (along with Bella and Lexi :D) - they did a brilliant old lady bingo routine and a rocky horror one :D. I may have suggested to Bella that she have [ profile] ulfilias turn the maid role into a Jeeves-style butler role at a future event - she even got him on stage and told the audience - hehe I'm ~ewil~

INCOMING: I appear to be djing at Black Sheep on Sunday - come along and support an orange! An orange who will probably stick to stuff she has on original cd only :P

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