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Well not quite but my housemate [ profile] cloneboy and I need someone to replace or departing Glaswegian in our 3 bed house in Hyde Park.

I'm nearly 40 and Al is 30 this weekend so we're after someone relatively grown up (although we do have loud parties occasionally and Al likes the more hideous end of the gabba/industrial/powernoise genre) and more importantly drama-free. And someone tidy but not obsessively so (Al is messy but I've trained him to respond to simple verbal instructions) as it'd drive you up the wall. and me. I can't stand obsessively tidy people. they give me the willies.

I'm obliged to mention our useless cat that likes to wee in the hall. it's not really a great selling point (although she is very pretty) but I figure being honest is best. She's a housecat at least so there's no risk of deadthings(tm)

The room is theoretically unfurnished although Al has some furniture at his parents house that could be press-ganged in to service - but this does not include a bed unfortunately. It's a nice size though.

We're at the end of a terrace by the trainline near the Co-op on Cardigan Road. Rent is £220 per month plus bills and the house has instant hot water, central heating, double glazing and should have a burglar alarm sorted soon.

Other notable selling points for the house (other than the opportunity to live with the world's only non-bitter failed nightclub owner ) include a shit piano, a non-euclidian persian rug and the artwork from the front of the DJ booth from theSubculture.

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we cleared the last few bits out of the old house last night. al got a taxi with some stuff and me and fuzzy must have made quite an amusing sight - I had a step ladder, the henry vacuum cleaner and a heavy bag whilst fuzzy had a pair of loppers, a kitchen stool and my computer chair. oh and a vacuum cleaner attachment in his pocket (although when asked he was pleased to see me too)

so we're midway through exchange at the moment and although all of the money isn't with my solicitor it will be at some point either today or definitely by monday.


the house thing is over.

tonight I meet [ profile] daevid at Leeds station and we go for some tasty food - maybe the £7 offer at room (7 main courses for £7 each before 7pm) or possibly the shabab express. will probably get back, organise my the lounge and bedroom a bit (nothing has been unpacked at all yet) and then lig with a bottle of wine.


Oct. 8th, 2008 09:57 am
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the buyer has accepted my request for £105k so I've only lost 2k.
as a caveat to this he wants the house *utterly* empty. including carpets. and is going to inspect before he transfers the funds over.
so this weekend the house has to get destroyed. I shall hire a skip. so here we have call to arms part 2 - the dirty work.
if anyone comes and helps me to pull up the carpets (there are only 3 - al's room, the spare room and the stairs) and to skip everything else then there will be more feasting and drinking. I'm not envisioning it taking that long but will be nasty, dusty and filthy and there will be a little bit of heavy lifting as we need to get the fridge freezer out of the cellar.

I shall try and keep my room and the bathroom as clean as possibly so people can hose themselves down. I shall also have to send fuzzy to a diy shop to get some disposable paper suits and facemasks.

think I'll need a really serious facemask myself as I'm still coughing from last weekend's dust and carpet pulling will kill me and my feeble lungs - anyone got any info.
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Ooo excited about the weekend now. I get to see my beloved's band, Rome Burns, eat tasty noodles at Fuji Hiro, go to Friday Flock (yay!!), have exciting visitors including the marmelade menace for the weekend, go to the Slippery Belle Burlesque, play buzz, eat, drink and be merry.

in other news I had to accept the 107k offer - it's not ideal and whereas I think Al's chum's mate may have given me a little more if pushed the chap who used to work at Park Lane is much less likely to mess me about/pull out. Hey if I win a couple of hundred k on the lottery tomorrow I'll take it off the market :)

in other other news - I have oreos.
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Pleasant night last night - [ profile] cloneboy plied me with 4 types of cheese, 4 types for antipasto meat and a whole pile of squidgy, tasty tiger bread.


I cracked open a bottle of red wine and we watched the second series of the IT crowd as he'd never seen any of it - I only meant to show him the first episode (GAY! THE MUSICAL!) but somehow we watched 5 of them. Top stuff.

In other news the guy from yesterday has upped his offer to £107k which is better but still not exactly good - he's a cash buyer who has a lot of houses in hyde park and headingley so won't mess me round. Also one of Al's colleagues knows someone who wants to have a look I think.
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So as a lot of you will have heard by now - I got a phone call from the estate agents on Saturday afternoon saying my buyers had pulled out. We were supposed to be exchanging contracts any second - they've just paid to get surveys done - so this was a bit of a surprise (although I half expected it as they seemed a bit timid.) They sited the crashing prices for their cold feet - so it may be a ploy to get me to knock the price down although the EA said they'd gone away so she couldn't get back to them straight away about me offering 5k off. 5k. that was pretty much all I was going to be taking from selling my house and now that's gone. If I'm lucky and they still want it of course. Motherfuckers.

I do have someone doing a second viewing today at 1pm and I've asked a couple of people who know property investory types to see if they're interested. I have no idea what to do beyond that - I figure if I go to a cash company now it'll be even less money than I would have got before. Thanks to the tabloids scaremongering about houseprices which of course actually causes prices to drop because people get afraid.


I got the call just as we were pulling into Ripon bus station for Nicki's hen do. I really just wanted to go home and cry but it just wasn't an option - there wasn't any more I could achieve and I didn't want to put a damper on Nicki's day so I just grinned and bared it. I'd started the day at 10:45 dressed like a prostitute. woo. I even felt a need to explain to the taxi driver :) I won £45.60 on the first race - the only one we actually watched! I probably should have got a lottery ticket as I figure I'm owed some luck :P - it was a lovely day even if it was £3.30 for a plastic pint of strongbow - Julie and I had very tasty roast pork sandwiches with stuffing and gravy - nom nom nom nom nom - and I bought us (and heather) tasty icecream too.

Headed back all snoozy on the bus and went to the Victoria for a pint before bimbling to Chinese Foo oblivion at Red Chilli - very tasty indeed - I must stop getting the banquet - far too much food! We then went up to Bourbon which was hideous and loud and full of dreadful young women in shapeless short dresses - what's with that? We then escaped to fab cafe which was altogether more civilised. Carl turned up at this point so we decided he was the entertainment - he didn't strip though. Gav was there too and plied me with sweeties (mmm sherbert dab! sweet braclets! double dip!) as pennance for aiding red in the desctruction of my living room curtains. The remains of the taekwondo post-grading social turned up too - they were amusingly drunk. Finally pootled off to a taxi with Jen and Katie, clutching Heather's abandoned doggybag which I duely demolished yesterday afternoon to attempt to placate my hangover. mmm duck - nice choice :)

party on friday was pleasant - nice to see kath and brad from outta town. the black sheep birthday special (4 birthdays one sheep!) was rammed and there were lots of people I hadn't seen in ages out and about. today I am hungover and grumpy.


Aug. 5th, 2008 06:21 pm
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One house. Sold. £115k
but not as bad as it could have been. one place was saying £80-90k

hugest thanks to [ profile] wsogmm for giving me the means to wait for a better offer.

the bad news is we'll have to move sharpish - possibly the first weekend in September.


In other news I've been offered free coach and tickets and hotel for mera luna this weekend and am now in the jaws of an agonising descision!

miss the final transmission and the MFA home gig *feels like a dog*
surely I should be packing to move! *
it will still cost me train fare to london for the coach
involves using 2 days holiday which I *really* don't have and may also involve a very dodgy/hard journey back to work on tuesday

free holiday!
get to spend quality time with [ profile] daevid
bands! festival! sausage! woo!


* a bit of an issue in that every weekend is packed at the mo. but less of an issue in that I'm off Taekwondo this month so have 3 quality packing evenings per week.

EDIT: alright already I'll ask tomorrow if I can get the time off - but I'm holding you all responsible!!
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am feeling very stressy today. had to have a conversation with lcc about the rates and have just instructed park lane to sell my house meaning I have to drop keys off with them and go home and tidy like a mofo as they'll be round tomorrow to take photos. gah. at least I have tasty sushi to look forward to first.

*thinks calm thoughts about deep forests and mossy glades*

gah I really just want some quiet time and I can't even see a night off until next monday. if anyone sees me making plans for then please shoot me - I've already made plans for the wednesday so it's my only clear night between now and wendyhouse (unless I stay in next friday too as a pre-wendyhouse quietness)

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