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Another hectic weekend has passed. And it started out so sedately - I'd not been able to log on to WoW from Wednesday due to some perculiar virgin media error so Daevid and I had dinner at FujiHiro and then watched Payback on DVD instead. Lovely dinner and an enjoyably silly movie.

Saturday was Mof's post-wedding hen do. We met up at Leeds station and headed over to York. The lady Mof was very excitable and kept trying to guess what we'd be doing. We had a very lovely afternoon tea and cakes at Betty's before heading off in a hired boat. (I'm in a BOAT!) to cruise the Ouze. We decided to head back to Leeds via a pint so set off for the Maltings pub when we found ourselves in the midst of a bunch of naked cyclists. Amusingly one of the girls had encountered them the day before in Manchester and had the uneasy feeling they might be following her.

Beer-> train+Beer-> Curry+Beer. Went to the Shabab under the station, it's a more modern version of the one on Eastgate, lacking charm, but the food was lovely nevertheless. the MofMa and I had the nehari - very tasty :) We then headed off to the SkyBar which was utterly soulless and over priced. The other clientelle were either irritating posh students/city types or extremely common people shovelled into posh dresses, paying £4.75 for a bottle of Timothy Tailor's Landlord. for the life of me I don't understand the concept of going somewhere expensive just cos it's expensive. it was drizzling so no one was on the balcony, which inexplicably looked out over the bit of leeds south of the city centre - so beeston and hunslet... and was only 13 floors up - hardly the sky. *sigh*

Anyhoo we hearded the gang to ok Karaoke where every other hen do in Leeds was - it was way too heaving for my delicate sensibilities - I just don't blend well ;) Mof entertained the entire place with a superb rendition of Rollin' by Limp Bizkit - marvellous. I then bid them fairwell and headed up to flock. which was also heaving but in a good way ;) forced shaggy to stay on our sofa rather than letting him walk home about 8 miles.

so hen do good - spending quality time with Mof is always fun and it was lovely to meet her Ma and Auntie Gwen.

Sunday was spent tending to Shaggy (thought he might die of his hangover), shopping at morrisons (My hangover finally caught me up in the petfood aisle), cooking Chilli flans and watching the Scorpian King and Dr Who. I also played guitar a bit as Daevid had restrung it for me - this required me to chop my nails on my left hand but hey, having recently taken my labret out so I could play the flute more, it was but a minor sacrifice.

Rock on.
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So as a lot of you will have heard by now - I got a phone call from the estate agents on Saturday afternoon saying my buyers had pulled out. We were supposed to be exchanging contracts any second - they've just paid to get surveys done - so this was a bit of a surprise (although I half expected it as they seemed a bit timid.) They sited the crashing prices for their cold feet - so it may be a ploy to get me to knock the price down although the EA said they'd gone away so she couldn't get back to them straight away about me offering 5k off. 5k. that was pretty much all I was going to be taking from selling my house and now that's gone. If I'm lucky and they still want it of course. Motherfuckers.

I do have someone doing a second viewing today at 1pm and I've asked a couple of people who know property investory types to see if they're interested. I have no idea what to do beyond that - I figure if I go to a cash company now it'll be even less money than I would have got before. Thanks to the tabloids scaremongering about houseprices which of course actually causes prices to drop because people get afraid.


I got the call just as we were pulling into Ripon bus station for Nicki's hen do. I really just wanted to go home and cry but it just wasn't an option - there wasn't any more I could achieve and I didn't want to put a damper on Nicki's day so I just grinned and bared it. I'd started the day at 10:45 dressed like a prostitute. woo. I even felt a need to explain to the taxi driver :) I won £45.60 on the first race - the only one we actually watched! I probably should have got a lottery ticket as I figure I'm owed some luck :P - it was a lovely day even if it was £3.30 for a plastic pint of strongbow - Julie and I had very tasty roast pork sandwiches with stuffing and gravy - nom nom nom nom nom - and I bought us (and heather) tasty icecream too.

Headed back all snoozy on the bus and went to the Victoria for a pint before bimbling to Chinese Foo oblivion at Red Chilli - very tasty indeed - I must stop getting the banquet - far too much food! We then went up to Bourbon which was hideous and loud and full of dreadful young women in shapeless short dresses - what's with that? We then escaped to fab cafe which was altogether more civilised. Carl turned up at this point so we decided he was the entertainment - he didn't strip though. Gav was there too and plied me with sweeties (mmm sherbert dab! sweet braclets! double dip!) as pennance for aiding red in the desctruction of my living room curtains. The remains of the taekwondo post-grading social turned up too - they were amusingly drunk. Finally pootled off to a taxi with Jen and Katie, clutching Heather's abandoned doggybag which I duely demolished yesterday afternoon to attempt to placate my hangover. mmm duck - nice choice :)

party on friday was pleasant - nice to see kath and brad from outta town. the black sheep birthday special (4 birthdays one sheep!) was rammed and there were lots of people I hadn't seen in ages out and about. today I am hungover and grumpy.

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