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Another hectic weekend has passed. And it started out so sedately - I'd not been able to log on to WoW from Wednesday due to some perculiar virgin media error so Daevid and I had dinner at FujiHiro and then watched Payback on DVD instead. Lovely dinner and an enjoyably silly movie.

Saturday was Mof's post-wedding hen do. We met up at Leeds station and headed over to York. The lady Mof was very excitable and kept trying to guess what we'd be doing. We had a very lovely afternoon tea and cakes at Betty's before heading off in a hired boat. (I'm in a BOAT!) to cruise the Ouze. We decided to head back to Leeds via a pint so set off for the Maltings pub when we found ourselves in the midst of a bunch of naked cyclists. Amusingly one of the girls had encountered them the day before in Manchester and had the uneasy feeling they might be following her.

Beer-> train+Beer-> Curry+Beer. Went to the Shabab under the station, it's a more modern version of the one on Eastgate, lacking charm, but the food was lovely nevertheless. the MofMa and I had the nehari - very tasty :) We then headed off to the SkyBar which was utterly soulless and over priced. The other clientelle were either irritating posh students/city types or extremely common people shovelled into posh dresses, paying £4.75 for a bottle of Timothy Tailor's Landlord. for the life of me I don't understand the concept of going somewhere expensive just cos it's expensive. it was drizzling so no one was on the balcony, which inexplicably looked out over the bit of leeds south of the city centre - so beeston and hunslet... and was only 13 floors up - hardly the sky. *sigh*

Anyhoo we hearded the gang to ok Karaoke where every other hen do in Leeds was - it was way too heaving for my delicate sensibilities - I just don't blend well ;) Mof entertained the entire place with a superb rendition of Rollin' by Limp Bizkit - marvellous. I then bid them fairwell and headed up to flock. which was also heaving but in a good way ;) forced shaggy to stay on our sofa rather than letting him walk home about 8 miles.

so hen do good - spending quality time with Mof is always fun and it was lovely to meet her Ma and Auntie Gwen.

Sunday was spent tending to Shaggy (thought he might die of his hangover), shopping at morrisons (My hangover finally caught me up in the petfood aisle), cooking Chilli flans and watching the Scorpian King and Dr Who. I also played guitar a bit as Daevid had restrung it for me - this required me to chop my nails on my left hand but hey, having recently taken my labret out so I could play the flute more, it was but a minor sacrifice.

Rock on.
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I really should get into the habit of updating during the week so I don't end up doing an awfully waffly friday splurge.

So what's happened since last friday? Flock was marvellous and somehow [ profile] tawdryfilth and I stayed up chatting til 9am (although [ profile] redfetishfreak, luke and I had been singstaring it til about 7am) Got woken up about 4:30pm by [ profile] daevid arriving - which sent me into a flurry of activitiy. The Hu-la-la Summer Burlesque was good although I had to go and stand in the cloakroom whilst the fire performer was on as it was too nerve wracking to watch. Argh that's near the sprinkler head, Argh that's near the backdrop curtain, Argh Argh. I am officially *never* allowing a fire act again. *shudder* We all headed off to [ profile] myz_lilith's Evil Geniuses and Supervillans party when the acts were done and lo it was good. I was an Orange-faced Harridan called Evil Orange (actually a wow guild on our server) taking over world through thickly applied cosmetics and botulism disguised as a perfume sampler. Great party, more singstar (I sang "alone" haha!), I won the most evil laugh category.

Sunday was relatively quiet although D and I headed to black sheep with Al, who was DJing. Had monday off with the intention of heading to Tropical World* but got there and it was closed for a week for annual maintenance. boo! Went to the Thackray Medical Museum instead - which was good - although we only got half way round before closing time (after 2.5 hours!). We gift aided our entrance fee though so got a card allowing us to go back for free some time. It's a very 'readingy'** museum but very interesting.

Monday night was the Eden House gig and lo it was marvellous. Missed Legion and got there just in time for Rhombus. The sound was very good - always a relief - and apart from having to go tell Maisey off for standing on someone's shoulders (dude the ceiling is full of delicate stuff that doesn't need you head banging it or hanging off it- sit on shoulders if you have to but don't stand on them - we've thrown people out for that at other nights!) and getting hassled by the merrion centre about the band's van the night seemed to go with out a hitch. The Eden House were stunning - all 3 singers (and combinations thereof) were very good and the harmonies were spot on. Top Notch.

This week I've had a cold and I've finished Dragon Age: Origins. Boo! I hate finishing games. I spent 117 hours apparently but I did seek out most of the side quests (and also I have a nasty habit of leaving the game on whilst doing other stuff and not pausing them which probably accounts for some of the 20 or so hours extra I spent on the game compared to [ profile] steer... I'm not slow really... *sobs*) I did get tempted to replay as my male elf (also a rogue - doh!) so I could sex up Morrigan and have gay elf-love with Zehvran but I'm not sure I can face the amount of hours of playing mostly the same content that would involve!

I'm off to Huntingdon this weekend. This would be made easier if I hadn't left my luggage in the house - going to have to go home first now. Doh! Greek food tonight (hopefully with the lovely [ profile] dmh too), cinema tomorrow and then Sunday is Caitlyn's 6th birthday so I'll finally get introduced. How very terrifying. :P

How's your week been gentle reader?

* They have crocodiles now apparently - how exciting - maybe we can feed some of the annoying screaming kids to them
** I was going to say 'read-y' but that looks just as bad - see me systematically abuse the English language!***
*** But at least I'm not suffering from the Eden House's level of grammar fail - see current music - surely there's an apostrophe missing there... Dudes! Missing one occasionally is one thing but that's a song title printed on the album sleeve!
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Do I need shooting for considering buying this album?

do i? has my time come?

in other news it's FLOCK! tonight and [ profile] daevid's band Rome Burns are playing supported by The Men Who Wouldn't be Blamed for Nothing - the latter sound quite interesting I'm getting a 'goth/industrial Chas and Dave' vibe from the stuff I've read ;)

so come along little fluffkins! let us dance like children of the night. i.e. like you're walking round a messy bedroom drunk and tripping over your discarded boots. IN THE DARK!

hmm going to be a busy one - I shall head to Slippery Belle on Saturday too :)
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no man is an island. unlike burley park station which was surrounded by a random wide, deep flood. someone had constructed a stepping stone (it really was that bad and as wide as the whole road) and another half hearted one that sank when you stood on it so once I was over (via some impressive early morning leaping) I found an abandoned formica desk top and constructed a jetty which was more effective than the wonky stepping stone. engineering at 7:30am...

Weekend was marvellous but marred by a sudden cold which cost me a day off sick on monday due to puffyheaditis. Flock was most enjoyable - although I can't actually remember what occurred! Slippery Belle was heaving and actually ran through til past 2 with an active dance floor (tends to die off about 1 most times) - the bone shakers were a definite highlight - they have the whole comedy burlesque troupe thing off to a T - go see them at whitby (along with Bella and Lexi :D) - they did a brilliant old lady bingo routine and a rocky horror one :D. I may have suggested to Bella that she have [ profile] ulfilias turn the maid role into a Jeeves-style butler role at a future event - she even got him on stage and told the audience - hehe I'm ~ewil~

INCOMING: I appear to be djing at Black Sheep on Sunday - come along and support an orange! An orange who will probably stick to stuff she has on original cd only :P
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GRAAAA! I have been a day ahead all week and now my brain think's it's friday! Coming to work tomorrow is going to be such a chore :(

anyhoo. the weekend is approaching, albeit at a slightly slower rate than my brain thinks, and it's one of those busy weekends I like to inflict upon myself. [ profile] pyropaws is arriving tonight to nest in the spare room and use it as a base for flat hunting. Tomorrow night we also have [ profile] ebb, [ profile] bikerfaerie and [ profile] eddy_ in da house. woo!

Am looking forward to FLOCK on Friday - not only will it be jam packed with standard flocky goodness like ridiculous dancing, drinking cheap vodka and wibbling at everyone on earth BUT it's also the debut gig for Grooving in Green who are basically old skool Children on Stun with a different singer. Am muchly looking forward to singing along to silly goff songs :D Hopefully I'll make it down for Legion's set too but it may well be difficult what with working in Huddersfield and having to wrangle visitors and stuff - I'd like to see how they've come on over the last few months though :)

Saturday night is the Slippery Belle Burlesque which I fancy donning my glad rags for. Hmm wonder if it'll be wig weather... I assume [ profile] ulfilias will be taking his usual seat/beanbag at the front - gosh it seems like an age since last month's one where I was accompanied by gentlemen in uniforms - I suppose it was 5 weeks ago though.

Wonder if I'll make it out to black sheep on Sunday - my record has been very bad recently what with hen dos, weddings and terrible hangovers. I really should though.

in other news due to my stupidity it looks like none of us are registered to vote at the new house. I noticed this when I found the form when tidying up for the party last weekend. sorry [ profile] defiance23 I suck! I'm usually so good! I can't remember the last time I didn't vote! the guilt!! Could everyone please go out and vote for me - lib dem would be appreciated ;-P

Happy birthday to the woman with many names. You may call her Sarah, LJ may call her [ profile] ruby_noir, I call her Fringe but deep down inside we all know her as Chastity Unicorn McPrincess. Happy Birthday lovely :)
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...and it's an exciting one tonight as my lovely pixie, [ profile] daevid's, band Rome Burns are playing their first ever acoustic set. Yeeeee! Wish him luck :)

Getting there just before 8 in time for Rome Burn's set and then heading for noodles with a few people at Fuji Hiro afterwards. I figure there'll be a lot of people there who want to see IS and I don't want to get in the way of their nice view - plus I won't have a chance to eat a decent tea beforehand. Back to the club for Friday Flock after that :)

Am looking forward to a massive lie in tomorrow - going to try not to drink too much tonight so that it's not ruined by hangoverage!

Then off to see Ms Rosie Lugosi, lesbian vampire queen (apparently!), compereing the burlesque at the Slippery Belle tomorrow night - it's Michealo's Stag do so should be a good night - and I missed last month's one.

More ligging planned for Sunday :)

Then off to the extended Black Sheep bank holiday special - I think this will be my drunken night of the weekend :) the last one, at Easter, was marvellous :D Plus Ms [ profile] gillywoo and Mr [ profile] asw909 are the guest DJs and there will be the wearing of Garish Skirts(tm)

Top off this uber busy weekend (I'm calling it Whitby at home as I expect it to be just as hard on my system) I'm going to Matt's house for a BBQ on the Monday afternoon. Civilised! :D
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Yesterday I became a shambling, stumbling loon. I *kept* tripping over my own feet to the extent that I fell up the escalators at leeds station in the morning (not too bad thankfully) and then I properly fell up the steps at burley park station in the evening resulting in sore knees. My previously pristine shoes that I'd been wearing to work for 2 weeks are now all scuffed from the number of times I tripped up kerbs or just scraped my toes whilst walking! No idea what was wrong with me - I didn't physically feel bad. Went home and even the Wii Fit was registering this strange uselessness - I couldn't do any of the tests and ended up at 41 years old - I usually register at about 33!


Anyhoo. Easter is LOOMING like a giant loomy thing. I left it deliberately unfilled so I could have some pottering downtime but it's started to fill up regardless. Thursday night after tkd I should be hitting the pub with Beckie, Friday is boardgames with Mavis I think, Saturday I'm off to see Bat for Lashes with Whitby Jo (theoretically) and Sunday is Easter Flock. I expect Monday will be groaning and recovery.

So who's coming to EASTER FLOCK? (Easter Sunday 7pm - 2am free in)
[Poll #1379556]
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is it monday again already? zzzz

Friday saw a brief visit to the cheesy vom miasma that surrounded mr foley's for [ profile] maviscruet's leaving do, before heading off to see Rhombus at Flock. They were sounding very polished if rendered somewhat invisible by exeptionally goffic use of their smoke machines. Proceeded to get quite drunk but not as drunk as Daevid :) unfortunately bowed out before the end into a taxi with Tim, Jen and Matt Organic before drunken meltdown occurred.

After an epic lie-in on saturday (til about 2 I think) I introduced D to the Wii Fit and the joys of standing on one leg - we then hauled my new mattress up to my room whereupon I managed to put my neck/shoulder/back out. ow! ate gyros, played fable and realised somewhat belatedly that we should already be at the slippery belle! got there for 9:15 in the end which wasn't bad all things considered although the late kebab eating had scuppered corset wearing. Glad I managed to drag my lardy arse out though as Lady J was delightful and the line up was very good. Was particularly impressed by Mr Mistral - a very statuesque tranny who produced a pair of poi from his bra and wielded them spectacularly - was interesting as he stripped down to his pants and stockings and so removed almost the trappings of trannydom whilst remaining very elegant and beautiful. Also of note was Crimson Skye who did a marvellous skit where she came on in a hockey mask and straight jacket and sang Crazy whilst abusing the audience and gently escaping from her confines (although not actual escapology), finishing up singing to a severed head she produced from a primark bag. She was the queen of mad facial expressions and quite the hoot. Despite being in pain and feeling pooey I had so much fun that I stayed right to the end.

Sunday found me in slightly less pain (after mucho pain-related sleep-fail) mostly watching Bridget and Daevid on the Wii Fit. I then cooked my first ever risotto - which despite fuzzy describing it as quick and easy thing to cook seemed to take me over an hour. was quite tasty though so I may bother again :) went to sheep too which was good as will was on the bar and I got to catch up a bit

Tonight I has the ladies Beckie and Red coming round for wine and tv watching (hmm shall I get them on the wii fit...?) and on wednesday I may foolishly have agreed to cook Keema Curry for Will, Kieran and Pat. Busy!


Feb. 6th, 2009 03:31 pm
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pissed off. Turns out our cottage has been double booked so now I have to go through the whole process again but with 2 more weeks worth of people having booked. Whitby Holiday cottages are taking the piss by having all theirs in the £420+ range even though most of the week falls in the £250+ band - this pisses me off - it not half term and it's after easter :(


I was in a good mood today and this has put a real crimp in it. I'm this close to saying fuck it I'm not going.

ah well. Friday Flock tonight and The Slippery Belle tomorrow. We have many visitors to these shores for various parts of the weekend including [ profile] ulfilias, [ profile] eddy_, [ profile] twokan, [ profile] tawdryfilth, rob, [ profile] bikerfaerie, [ profile] tomb_bat and marquis.

Hopefully I'll be feeling less murderous by then

EDIT: have calmed down a bit now. Looking at a place down the non-pedestrianised end of church street - ah well at least it has 2 double beds so tim and jen get one too.
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So how will the next few days be shaping up in OrangeLand?

Busily that's how. Schedule currently is:

At work
after work I meet [ profile] daevid in Leeds station and a quiet night of cooking and pootling is had.

Wednesday - NYE:
work in the morning
town with D (and possibly [ profile] pyropaws?) to hunt for costume bits
go home, greet visitors*, sort out costume.
go to Jedi Night and have silly fun doing kessel runs and dancing at the cantina. WOOT!

Thursday - New Years Day
lie still groaning occasionally.
do not be sick.
recover moderately
if not utterly dead think about going to the Hyde Park Cinema for the 6:30pm showing of Burn After Reading - the new Coen brothers black comedy dodad.
groan some more

Friday - 2nd Jan
should have stopped groaning by now. possibly head to town for bits for Friday's costume and maybe some sales shopping. Could also do with going to the bed shop on burley road. rock and roll!
Go to the Friday Flock Late Christmas/New Year Party and attempt to do Bad Geisha. Fall over! Woo!

Saturday - 3rd of Jan
Scrape the remaining miscreants (well apart from Daevid) out of my house and sleep. [ profile] _r_e_d_ is rumoured to be arriving on our hallowed shores at somepoint so will hopefully get to feed her black tower and talk shite!

Sunday - 4th Jan
Blessed Lie In!
No Plans accept the seeing of Baby Red if she's around and about.

Monday - 5th Jan
Back to the Grind.

this may all conspire to kill me! wish me luck at the staying alive part :)

*for various portions of the proceedings we have [ profile] bikerfaerie, [ profile] _insecure_, [ profile] pyropaws, [ profile] twokan and [ profile] ulfilias in residence and a few other possible crash spacees

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