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Hello! How are you?

I rather enjoyed the Smurf final floorshow gig on Friday - it was somewhat immense - they played for about 2 and a half hours and i stood on a table and sang along loudly for most of that. The club was packed and everyone seemed transfixed. :) Flock itself was a bit of a blur afterwards - I'm sure there must have been embarassing dancing. There were definitely Mexicans present. In hats. I believe one of them picked me up and sat me on the bar - some sort of personal life goal of his I think. :D As it was my last night out in a while I thought I'd enjoy it ;)

Wasn't too hungover on Saturday tided up and ligged around til [ profile] eddy_ and [ profile] pyropaws came round for tea and boardgames. Sneakily won at Munchkin. Watched Tropic Thunder which I rather enjoyed - I suspect I'm a fan of Ben Stiller... the shame... Tom Cruise's dance at the end amused me far too much - he's not allowed to do stuff that makes me hate him less! Reminds me that I need to get a copy of Risky Business on DVD though...

For some reason I have yet to ascertain, I was up at 9:30 on Sunday morning despite drinking wine and cider and being up till 3am the previous night. Oh well - WOWfest time! People came round, we played the game of munchkin that wouldn't die (it lasted *hours* and Lee won) and then watched The Man with Two Brains - such a fine fine film :D

Monday bought a freebie visit to the cinema (followed by a walk home - see - still being frugal!) to see District 9. We missed the very beginning of the film so I don't know if there's an explaination about the circumstances at the beginning of the film or not. It was, all in all, a good film but I have to say I'm getting fed up of directors using hand-held shakey cam. I had to spend the majority of the first half of the film with my eyes shut and even then I actually nearly gipped at one point. Thankfully the plot was quite listenable but even so... I only stopped feeling sick halfway home!

I think the crazy wobbly cam thing is a bit of a lazy technique in film-making - if a percentage of your audience is actually rendered ill or uncomfortable by your film you can claim it's the exciting or scary content that's doing it - this was the case with the excorcist where serveral of the early scenes induced motion sickness in the susceptable and it was presented as people's reactions to the subject matter. it wasn't - when I first saw it I was rather embarrased to slope out of the cinema cos I felt ill (I wasn't used to the fact that it was just motion sickness and I should just cover my eyes and ride it out) because I thought people might think I was leaving cos it was scary - which it wasn't! it's not necessary to cut film this way to present a hectic and 'on the fly' feel to a film - it's managed perfectly well in many films such as 28 Days Later (and conversely not well in 28 weeks later where they over use the technique artlessly) without inducing nausea! bah! cinematography rant over.

I reckon I saved at least £40 quid over the weekend, possibly more, by staying in - am currently being quite good at spending less generally. yay!

there you are - that's a big bunch of boring whiffle for your delectation. enjoy.

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