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Last night I made a Quorn and Prawn Paella of Doom courtesy of Mr Ainsley Harriot and his cooking kits. It was meant to serve 2 but after me and fuzzy had a big bowl each there was still another big bowl's worth left. It was quite tasty - I must try doing it properly next time (less prawns and 4 chicken thighs so it'd be even bigger) - they had the kits at morrisons on bogof so for £2.50 I got the paella and a rather tasty noodley one.

Orange Geeks

On Tuesday night I made a Guild on WoW on the pvp realm I have a character on (Alliance on Shattered Halls if anyone wants to start a char on a PvP server) - I'd long been cheered by the sight of players on my main's realm who are in the Knights of Cydonia guild so when I realised there wasn't one on SH I decided to create it. It cost me a fair amount of my gold but it was worth it and I have 19 members now (3 of whom are just level 1 chars created by Eddy and Co to sign the charter so a bit cheaty) and there was actual chatting occurring. My favourite moment so far is when a stranger (unfortunately in another guild) came up to and said 'No-one's going to take me alive' to which I replied 'The time has come to make things right' - he saluted me, said 'cool name' and rode off on his fiery mount. Made an old geeky muse fan happy.

Orange Pimps

Woo! DV80s tomorrow night! Excellent stuff! Come along and dance your socks off! I should also pimp our marvellous New Year's Eve bash - ostensibly New Year's Eve 1989 - so it's DV80s up to midnight and NOW after midnight (our 80s night) - double good! :D I'm getting a good vibe about it all *wonders what monstrous decorative structure she can install in the club and under what pretence* :D
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it's DV80s tomorrow at the club. Utterly marvellous 80s nonsense! if you're in the west yorkshire area and not engaged in sexual congress with a wallaby tomorrow night you should definitely come along! even better than that it's action movie themed with prizes and stuff :)

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I'm splendiferously pleased to announce that on Friday 31st July we have DV80s at theSubculture as a tester to see if Leeds is ready for an alternative tinged 80s night once more. I really miss Frankie and am hoping this one goes well and we can think about giving it a monthly slot.

who fancies it?

here have the most badly-written poll EVAR!

[Poll #1420391]

* could have been worse - I could have used 'especially for you'

EDIT - arse - it edited out my strikemarks over 'on eileen' - you'll just have to imagine them and marvel at my wit

EDIT2 - for you out of towners it's an ideal oportunity to make a weekend of it as it's Hyde Park Unity Day AND Kinky AND the Slippery Belle on the Saturday plus it's Gay Pride on the Sunday - woo! Leeds Weekender!

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