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I may have squeeeeeed a little when I started playing GTA Chinatown Wars on my DS this morning and was faced with [ profile] selectnone(and Gunnar)'s name in the opening credits (right near the front too!)
I may have taken a blurry photo on my camera phone and texted Neal

Now I just have to work out how to stop running over Neal's carefully-placed scenery and drive straight!
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I've been fiddling with the spore creature creater... I think I need the game now. I've got ridiculously attached to my beasties already - I don't want to delete them! so what's all about then - I've not read much but I get the impression (from xkcd :P ) that it's a god game and starts on a small scale and gets bigger in scope. this true? does it need a hefty pc?


been playing simcity on the DS a lot - not really sure why it go such mediocre reviews - it's kinda exactly like a simplified version of simcity on the pc - quite playable and well suited to the format. I've got a lot more play out of it than out of civ revolutions and it was a lot cheaper (£12 from morrisons the other day)

I like god games - I'm sure they had populous on the DS when we were in Japan...

lot of birthdays round at the mo. are you all the product of festive shags?

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