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In a departure from the normal Wednesday night type schedule, [ profile] fuzzygoth, [ profile] cloneboy and I went to A-Rock-A-Lips last night to see the pole dancing Ladies. The bands dragged on a bit - I think the format needs tweaking as people were definitely there for the dancers but were faced with 3 hairy rock bands in a row and so quite a few people had left before the dancers started. It was great to see [ profile] cat_in_a_box there - she's lost loads of weight and the pole dancing has really helped apparently. Fuzzy and I were blown away by the sheer athleticism of the tutor's dancing (the girls there were from the lessons she runs on Monday nights down the club - I am very tempted to go give it a try althought the idea of wearing shorts in front of Will or Kieran gives me the fear) especially when she crucified herself on the ceiling of the club :) A potentially good night - needs a bit of work but has the ingredients :)

The next few days are going to be hectic. [ profile] daevid is up tonight (and should be cooking my tea whilst I'm teaching the senior's class at taekwondo tonight)(eek!) and I have tomorrow off for a wedding - got a dentists (eek eek!) appointment in the morning and then the wedding in the afternoon in Castleford - Rome Burns are playing too :) - after that we'll be heading down to Flock (woo! FLOCK!!) to strut our funky stuff - will miss the Zeitgeist Zero gig unfortunately :(

Saturday may see me getting my hair done although probably not as I've not booked anything yet... then it's off to Manchestah with [ profile] daevid, [ profile] selectnone, [ profile] viciouscabaret and Amanda to see Uberbyte, Deviant UK*and Covenant. I think, due to having a bunch of other people with us, that all we'll be able to do in terms of meeting Manchester Types for a beer is to see them near the venue for an hour before hand (from 6:30?) if they can make it. Can you make it Manchester Types? Can you?

*was amused to note that the 'UK' had been added to all of the tickets by hand in black felt pen :D

And finally - this weekend is the weekend of Team [ profile] attack_monkey's Coyote Rally across parts of Europe.
The brief is to do it in a sub £500 car so they managed to obtain this beautious beast (Decorations deigned by [ profile] fetishman) for £300:

Tim's the bestest Monkey a girl could know and, as many of you know, he developed Lymphoma a few years back and after a very painful, trying and tiring time for him and his loved ones he's now been cancer-free for well over a year which makes us all very happy. Please support your local Tim and donate to one of their worthy causes:

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