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no man is an island. unlike burley park station which was surrounded by a random wide, deep flood. someone had constructed a stepping stone (it really was that bad and as wide as the whole road) and another half hearted one that sank when you stood on it so once I was over (via some impressive early morning leaping) I found an abandoned formica desk top and constructed a jetty which was more effective than the wonky stepping stone. engineering at 7:30am...

Weekend was marvellous but marred by a sudden cold which cost me a day off sick on monday due to puffyheaditis. Flock was most enjoyable - although I can't actually remember what occurred! Slippery Belle was heaving and actually ran through til past 2 with an active dance floor (tends to die off about 1 most times) - the bone shakers were a definite highlight - they have the whole comedy burlesque troupe thing off to a T - go see them at whitby (along with Bella and Lexi :D) - they did a brilliant old lady bingo routine and a rocky horror one :D. I may have suggested to Bella that she have [ profile] ulfilias turn the maid role into a Jeeves-style butler role at a future event - she even got him on stage and told the audience - hehe I'm ~ewil~

INCOMING: I appear to be djing at Black Sheep on Sunday - come along and support an orange! An orange who will probably stick to stuff she has on original cd only :P
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GRAAAA! I have been a day ahead all week and now my brain think's it's friday! Coming to work tomorrow is going to be such a chore :(

anyhoo. the weekend is approaching, albeit at a slightly slower rate than my brain thinks, and it's one of those busy weekends I like to inflict upon myself. [ profile] pyropaws is arriving tonight to nest in the spare room and use it as a base for flat hunting. Tomorrow night we also have [ profile] ebb, [ profile] bikerfaerie and [ profile] eddy_ in da house. woo!

Am looking forward to FLOCK on Friday - not only will it be jam packed with standard flocky goodness like ridiculous dancing, drinking cheap vodka and wibbling at everyone on earth BUT it's also the debut gig for Grooving in Green who are basically old skool Children on Stun with a different singer. Am muchly looking forward to singing along to silly goff songs :D Hopefully I'll make it down for Legion's set too but it may well be difficult what with working in Huddersfield and having to wrangle visitors and stuff - I'd like to see how they've come on over the last few months though :)

Saturday night is the Slippery Belle Burlesque which I fancy donning my glad rags for. Hmm wonder if it'll be wig weather... I assume [ profile] ulfilias will be taking his usual seat/beanbag at the front - gosh it seems like an age since last month's one where I was accompanied by gentlemen in uniforms - I suppose it was 5 weeks ago though.

Wonder if I'll make it out to black sheep on Sunday - my record has been very bad recently what with hen dos, weddings and terrible hangovers. I really should though.

in other news due to my stupidity it looks like none of us are registered to vote at the new house. I noticed this when I found the form when tidying up for the party last weekend. sorry [ profile] defiance23 I suck! I'm usually so good! I can't remember the last time I didn't vote! the guilt!! Could everyone please go out and vote for me - lib dem would be appreciated ;-P

Happy birthday to the woman with many names. You may call her Sarah, LJ may call her [ profile] ruby_noir, I call her Fringe but deep down inside we all know her as Chastity Unicorn McPrincess. Happy Birthday lovely :)
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...and it's an exciting one tonight as my lovely pixie, [ profile] daevid's, band Rome Burns are playing their first ever acoustic set. Yeeeee! Wish him luck :)

Getting there just before 8 in time for Rome Burn's set and then heading for noodles with a few people at Fuji Hiro afterwards. I figure there'll be a lot of people there who want to see IS and I don't want to get in the way of their nice view - plus I won't have a chance to eat a decent tea beforehand. Back to the club for Friday Flock after that :)

Am looking forward to a massive lie in tomorrow - going to try not to drink too much tonight so that it's not ruined by hangoverage!

Then off to see Ms Rosie Lugosi, lesbian vampire queen (apparently!), compereing the burlesque at the Slippery Belle tomorrow night - it's Michealo's Stag do so should be a good night - and I missed last month's one.

More ligging planned for Sunday :)

Then off to the extended Black Sheep bank holiday special - I think this will be my drunken night of the weekend :) the last one, at Easter, was marvellous :D Plus Ms [ profile] gillywoo and Mr [ profile] asw909 are the guest DJs and there will be the wearing of Garish Skirts(tm)

Top off this uber busy weekend (I'm calling it Whitby at home as I expect it to be just as hard on my system) I'm going to Matt's house for a BBQ on the Monday afternoon. Civilised! :D
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photos from last night's dd tease can be found here

mine are here

it was a great night despite a few technical issues - particularly the fuse for the cloakroom, electric cupboard and stair lights blowing at the end of the night. oops. no idea how to change the fuse in that panel - it's quite scary! Kieron rigged up some emergency lighting bless him. It was a showcase night and all the acts were good - some of them I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of in the future (fnar!)

I had a run in with the merrion centre security staff who didn't like the staff using the fire door to get behind the bar (the stage was in the way the other side)
him "I don't want punters coming here with drinks"
me "I own the club and the glass is empty - I'm just heading to the back bar"
waits till I go through the bar door and snipes: "you don't own it - you just rent it"

cheeky fucker!

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