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to my dearest pixie [ profile] daevid - hope the journey back down south doesn't break you!
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my dad's broken his shoulder falling up a curb - he's managed to crack the ball joint into 4 pieces and is going to have to get it all screwed back together again on Thursday. poor sod - he can't even dress himself and is stuck at his girlfriend's feeling all sorry for himself. the doctor says the op shouldn't be too risky as it's clear of the blood vessel but even so I'm worried cos of his bad heart. the morphine based stuff they've given him is making him feel sick too - not good with Christmas feasting ahoy. the only positive thing is that he's covered in kittens as his girlfriend's daughter's cat gave birth at 6am yesterday on the bed with him as midwife and they seem to have rather taken to him. there's talk of paternity tests...

got back from Birmingham on Saturday afternoon - I had a surprisingly marvellous time there and was actually sad to leave - although my accent trying to re-emerge at my nan's house on the Saturday lunchtime was enough to make me suggest it was time to go. only had to spend one night on my dad's uncomfortable leather sofa as the other two were spent at the house of goth gaining various injuries and frolicking merrily. had a very drunken night out on the town on Friday with [ profile] brummie_ninja, [ profile] tawdryfilth, rob, [ profile] eddy_ and [ profile] miss_corinne. I also met [ profile] miss_squiddy, Richard and Nathan. probably. festive.

matt's party on Saturday night was very civilised despite us drinking 19 bottles worth of mulled wine between the assembled peoples. many fine presents were accumulated. I was particularly amused by the pets with tourettes book that Neal got me as part of my present. the praying mantis saying 'tug job' cracks me up no end. left about 12:30 which was rather sensible....

as we went to do the Christmas food shop at 10am at the 6th circle of hell - also known as seacroft tesco. was a bit distracted by the head elephants that had been summoned by the aforementioned mulling so kept nearly forgetting stuff. AND THERE WAS A GIANT HOLE OF NO ADVOCAAT! much bigger than last year's medium sized hole of no advocaat...

had to really rush to sort out my djing cds and stuff before the party. had an excellent time squwarking my lungs out to a fine selection of tunes. highlights include doing 'the eye of the tiger' with [ profile] fraoch and 'everybody wants to rule the world' with [ profile] pinkapeshead. was disappointed that we didn't have a cd with 'gold' on it though :D a large chunk of us (about 18?) headed off for noodles at 6 to avoid the sound check and very tasty they were too. I swapped my sets around so that Julie didn't have to stay late to hear 'stop the cavalry' but I suspect this minimised the amount of dancing I caused as that was the dancy set and people were all far too chatty at that point for dancing. hey ho. Rhombus played a storming gig and the cover of EASY LOVER that I'd requested they do was well good. more djing, dancing, heckling and drinking etc. and I think we finally kicked people out at 1am. a really lovely day - big thanks to everyone who turned up. especially the taekwondo people who must have been a bit bemused by all the stinky goths.

today I made it into town for 11:20. impressed? really you should be after the metric tonne of cider I drank yesterday. did bank stuff. did fuck all else of note though. completely failed to do any Xmas shopping apart from the obligatory advocaat acquisition. somehow ended up buying more drawing materials for myself though - watercolour pencils and superfine pens. oops. came home intending to tidy and ended up writing two pieces of music and generally playing the piano for an hour. poor neighbours. made a start on my bedroom (it's like rubic's house at the moment - I need to make space to move the acres of crap out of the living room) and in an odd coincidence found a whole packet of watercolour pencils, that must have been Julian's, pretty much unused in the bottom of the wardrobe. typical. also found his tail coat though. :) going to give it a careful clean and see how it turns out.
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how the fuck am I 37? I need to put a complaint in about this.

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