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bah - stuck in work having a major attack of the crazy, of a run away and hide in a foreign country and don't come back variety.

normal orange will be resumed shortly. probably.


Jul. 14th, 2010 09:07 am
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A while back (possibly at Amy's wedding) I got a love heart with 'Granny P' written on it. There was some speculation at the time as to whether this was some sort of 'down with the kids' phrase that we were all far to old to understand. I encased it in foil and forgot about it until I just came across it whilst riffling through my bag. So I figured I'd google it and lo and behold:'Granny_P'_mean_on_candy_Love_Hearts

much less exciting (and less worrying too I suppose) but at least the mystery is solved.
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Well I've started to plan my birthday bash on Weds 22nd December already. As step 1 I have approached the Brudnell Social and got them to pencil in the date.

Step 2 see if I can persuade Trydent to play a one off gig. JOHNNY??!

Step 3 bully Em Brulee and some of the leeds ladies into performing too

Step 4 think about the logistics of getting at least one Pole up in the venue :D

Step 5 Buffet...

Step 6 Non-Profit!


remember to pencil this date in - book off the 23rd!
I may organise other events too like birthday LaserQuest in Huddersfield during the day.

you only turn 40 once...
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My word that was a civilised weekend. I really wanted to chill and do nothing hectic and I got my wish. D arrived on Friday evening and I cooked us some Ainsley Harriot thing with pork fillet and a caramellised sauce and noodles. Very tasty it was, thank you Ainsley. We then proceeded to play WoW for the rest of the evening.

Saturday was more organised - got up bright and early awaiting a phone call from Darren the Fridge, a chap who sells and services glasswashing and icemaking type equipment. He was supposed to be coming to the club to see the stuff we have there - most of which doesn't actually work but may still have some value to him. Mostly I want him to take it all away as that's less stuff for us to bother with then - but some money would be good to put towards the cleanup fund (paint, skip hire....) Mr the Fridge was not forthcoming with his communications but we headed down to town anyway as I had bits and bobs to do. I took the spare keys I'd had cut in to the merrion center security place to hand over to them so they could show people round for viewings. But they wouldn't accept them as they weren't authourised. hey ho. I sent D to the post office to send the nitenet radio back to MRS whilst I waited for the visitors but it transpired messers the Fridge and Jam (a chap I met on the Leeds Music Forum who is actually thinking of renting the place) would not be turning up afterall. We pootled to Morrisons and bought all the picnic food on earth and headed home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Kirkstall Abbey eating chicken,dips, salami, 3 types of cheese, bread, crackers, grapes and tomatoes and reading books (I rebought the Micheal Marshall Smith book of short stories and am back on 'Hell Hath Enlarged Herself' I should check up see if they're still planning a film based on this) Was quite idylic if not particularly hot. Finished off using up one of my 2 annual nestle sins (well knowing ones anyway - I suspect more stuff is nestle than they let you know) by getting an icecream from the van on the way back to the car. Went home, pootled a bit and then played more WoW.

Sunday started with Almond Croissants and coffee in bed. Although as I'd made them I had to get back in to bed for the full effect. Went back to Kirkstall for the 1:30-3pm general swimming session at the Lesuire Centre. This was very odd for me. I was a water baby - I spent entire holidays face down in the sea snorkelling, I'm happiest whilst submerged in water looking at fish. I spent years swimming once or twice a week in various swimming clubs and even did synchronised swimming for a bit. But the nearest I'd been to an indoor swimming pool since I was 15 was walking past the one in whitby to look at the corsets. I thought I'd feel hideously self-concious about the swimming costume but oddly I think I've developed the middle-aged mindset that allows you to look terrible in a swimming costume without it actually mattering too much. The last times I've been swimming have been holidays abroad - just around the turn of the millenium (this one you gits, not the last one :P) and I did the whole cycling shorts and t-shirt malarky. I managed it fine apart from the slight danger of my boobs coming out of the swimming costume if I was too energetic. I could still swim (not fast - I've never been a fast swimmer) and delighted in all sorts of aqua-acrobatics and managing to float on the surface whilst skulling around gently. Marvellous fun. I'm trying to up my fitness a bit before going back to taekwondo and I'm pretty sure that the hour and a quarter we spent there achieved absolutely nothing apart from giving me ass cramp during one of the more strenuous backwards loops. I plan to go back again and should possibly get a leeds card to reduce the cost :) The only disappointing bit was that the deep end wasn't very deep (I could stand on tiptoes) and there were no diving boards although given the tendency of my boobs to try and escape that's probably for the best.

The rest of the day was spent pootling, cooking, attempting to prune the tree in the back alley a bit so it wasn't quite so giganticly wide (as opposed to tall) in the vain hope that it might remember it was a tree and not a bush and grow upwards not outwards. I'm covered in scratches and had a madly itchy patch afterwards as the scratches started to burn. Was then far too drained to make the SGS and just sat around drooling.

So that was it - a weekend where I actually did some stuff without going out and getting boozy or spending much money. I'm getting old... :P
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so I feel able to type again. odd that but when I get penny scrapingly poor, like I just did (although the situation was eased by me finding the £20 sterling I'd had on me when we went to france), I feel unable to communicate too. aren't brains funny.

France was nice - despite the rain - the wedding and preperations felt like a fun joint effort from everyone and we met some lovely people. On the Friday afternoon one of Lisa, the bride's, friends said to D "Are you in Rome Burns?" haha! Turns out we were on holiday with a guy who's not just a big fan but his mother works with D. It was very rural and we'd have been stuffed without the hirecar.

On of the things that I found upsetting throughout the weekend was Adam, the groom's, dad. He's suffering quite badly from Altzheimer's and it was just really distressing to watch the impact this has had. He hardly said anything any of the time and had to be told what to do and supervised doing it. Apparently he used to be a teacher. The only point in the weekend where he really said anything was when, in a rare sunny hour, on the friday afternoon, the lizards came out to bask on the walls of the tower where we were preparing for the reception. I love lizards so was standing there watching them and Joe came up and blurted out a load of lizard knowledge enthusiastically. It was literally more than I heard him say the whole rest of the time. During the wedding reception I saw Adam's mum slow dancing with him as husband and wife are wont to do at these events and it just made me cry. I can't imagine how sad it is to have a partner who is physically well but mentally deteriorating, how do you cope with it for the rest of your lives? gah!

Anyhoo Toulouse was lively and we managed to randomly catch a city-wide music festival. On our last day we went to Carcassonne which was lovely and given the touristy nature of the place suprisingly cheaper than Toulouse! The weather changed and was beautifully too. When we got back to England on the Wednesday we went to the co-op and bought picnic food and made Al come to the park for a picnic with us to extend the holiday feeling.

This weekend was Ra's party and Matt's solstice party - I was penny pinching to the max and managed to survive both dos on about £12 but was spent out by sunday so no Sunday Goth Social for me.

I really should get my lardy arse back to tkd this week!

I just noticed this whilst looking for an informatica upgrade download:
please notice the hotel where it's being held. priceless... *surely* you'd rename that?
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Bums! It looks like yorkshire is going to be nicer than France this week...

time to repack for rain :(
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This weekend I dragged Red to town with me and attempted to buy a colourful summer dress. I nearly bought one in monsoon but it was £70. It was very colourful though - orange, black and white with geometric patterns on it. There was an acceptable looking one in M&S for £45 in black, red, orange and white with big flowers on it but not in my size. We went everywhere that was likely to stock a size 18 - including a chavy shop on briggate that had marvellously terrible peacock patterned ones which turned out to be made of heavy nylon. ERK! (and probably only in small sizes - I didn't get past the nylon)

eventually I found one in New Look - turns out it was in the tall section so needs taking up cos it puddles around the floor at my ankles unless I wear 5 inch stilettos - which I'm not planning on doing... I was all pleased with my self and stuff and showed it to a friend on the way home going 'look I bought a colourful summer frock' til she pointed out that it's really black and white with a tiny hint of purple... gah.

I've done the online check in, got the euros from the post office, done a dry run of packing my tiny case - just go to sort out toiletries and the like with regards to the 100ml limitation. Woo!

in other WoW related news I just got my black war bear from doing 'for the alliance' with D. this will mean nothing to most people but WHEEEE!
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I'm getting rather excited about leaving the country next wednesday! It's been nearly 2 and a half years since I went to Japan (*cries* I just read my lj entries) and I could do with a bit of culture shock.

So 4 nights in rural France awaits Daevid and I followed by 3 nights in Toulouse. Anyone got any tips. so far, apart from the wedding, the only thing I've pencilled in is a possibly trip to Auch. Toulouse sounds quite funky. Imagine there'll be a lot of eating ;)

In other news I thought I was getting a quiet Friday night in and booked a hairdressers appointment for 9:15 on Saturday morning. Turns out I'm supposed to be at 2 birthday dos in town. Oops.


Jun. 1st, 2010 09:10 am
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Gosh! what a *relaxing* weekend! I had Beckie and Luke round to watch films on Friday night (Risky Business and They Live) and managed to keep the evening civilised by only drinking 4 cans of cider and going to bed at 1:30am. pleasant.

Got up quite early and pottered around the house (feeding fuzzy and john some tasty sausages) on Saturday morning before heading off to Huntingdon to visit da pixie. We attempted to do holiday shopping in Peterborough but I was scuppered by any shop actually selling shrugs - I'd like some sort of (relatively colourful) maxi dress for the wedding but inevitably they have no sleeves at all so a shrug is necessary. Ordered a shrug on E-bay so I should be able to concentrate on getting a silly dress now :) Managed to get a hand-luggage-sized wheelie suitcase which should be useful anyhoo. it's quite a dauntingly small suitcase for a week. especially a week that includes a wedding...

We watched the eurovision song contest on Saturday but it was a bit disjointed due to us repeatedly switching over to watch the helm's deep bit of the two towers on channel 4. We voted for Moldova and Turkey, boggled at the apricot stone song and lamented yet again that the UK entry was so devoid of any understanding of what the Eurovision was about. Figure Germany was cheating just a bit by having a song that had already been top of the European charts for several weeks but hey - it wasn't too bad even if I was terrified of her accent and giant mouth.

The rest of the weekend was equally pedestrian and involved lie-ins, tasty food, a visit to meet Daevid's dad and his wife (they had show-home syndrome and I was scared to move) and watching zombieland. woo!

the quiet weekend was grabbed while we could as the next one is going to be uber hectic. Friday Flock on the Friday (after a flying visit to Ms Hennessey's party) then down to Birmingham to see Nan and Dad and head over to the HoG cocktail party. Which may prove dangerous. Then just one more weekend before we head to France. *frets*

Ciao bellas!
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in other less ranty news happy birthday to [ profile] breadlord
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the FOC house is (still) experiencing network issues. I say network issues because I don't think there's anything wrong with the Virgin connection. Most of the time we're getting our correct download and upload speeds (although I shall do some checks over the next few days and add them to the post just for completeness) and more importantly it's possible to recreate the problem.

the problem is with torrenting or peer to peer file stuff. After my last round of trying to sort stuff out I worked out that unplugging Al's pc from the network stopped the problem. After some discussion it transpired he generally had torrents going but had the download speed throttled. Headscratching. Turns out he didn't have the upload speed throttled. Breakthrough. Apart from it wasn't. The downloads and uploads are now throttledand the problem still occurs. So Al now has his torrents scheduled to run after we go to bed and during the day midweek.

I've taken to having a cmd window open most of the time pinging the bbc website on loop to keep an eye on response times. generally it'll be around 20-40ms - during one of the problem times it will be 1000-2000ms. Sometimes its a bit lower and I can play wow but get disconnected frequently. Last night it was slow - well over 1400 average but Al wasn't torrenting - so I rebooted some stuff and it turned out Fuzzy was - same thing though - download and upload were suitably throttled. So we thought we'd experiment a bit.

Firstly here's our set up - we have the virgin broadband modemy thing which has one output. that goes directly into the netgear modem they supplied. this does the dhcp and stuff. from this the wii and xbox are connected (but are generally switched off) and a line runs to the upstairs router. the upstairs one is the same make of netgear (but vx.x.7 where as downstairs is vx.x.9 I believe) - it has a fixed IP address and dhcp turned off. the range for dhcp on the downstairs router is set to start 1 higher than the IP of the upstairs one so there are no clashes with things in the house. we have the 2 routers as one router isn't enough ports and the signal from the downstairs one doesn't cover our tall victorian house. originally we had just the new router upstairs and still had this problem so it may not be specifically related to the second router. I've downloaded wireshark but frankly that shit baffles me...

anyhoo. as an experiment last night fuzzy took his pc downstairs to see if starting his torrent down there had the same effect as from the upstairs router. it did. interestingly when he started the torrent up his ping stayed ok for a minute or so before gradually getting worse. this made me think that my idea that the problem may be somehow connected to broadcast storms or something had some validity. as another check I made sure that all the pcs in the house were experiencing the latency - not just mine.

so there you have it - I'm going to have a look through both routers tonight and add the settings onto this entry as I forgot to write them down last night (hey al was out and fuzzy stopped torrenting so I got to enjoy 20-40ms latency on WoW which, suprisingly, doesn't appear to increase the ping times by any noticable amount (maybe it's increasing it to 25-45 but that's it...)) I've also noticed that WoW patch updates cause the problem too (as they are torrented peer to peer) and it took me nearly an hour longer to install one than D the other night :(

anyone that could provide us with suggestions and tips and explainations will be rewarded by much gratitude!
there may even be boozes in it ;)

feel free to comment anonymously if you're not on LJ - it'll screen it but I can relase them - put your name on so I know who to squee at :D


May. 21st, 2010 04:25 pm
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go to google! it's pacman day! :D

in an office where most internet is now blocked that's just a godsend :D
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So that's it then. The club is gone. We gave it a good send off and the place is in utter disarray now, including one side of the DJ booth missing, presumed nabbed by Al.

Going in today (after an utterly pointless trip to CAB where I couldn't get an appointment to see an advisor even though I got there half and hour after opening...) was somewhat depressing. I got kind of jumpy cos there was a guy sitting outside who I thought might be baliff related - i think in fact he was just a guy sitting outside... I went in, grabbed some bills so I could start compiling a list of creditors and left. I had meant to do some wages stuff but couldn't get the monitor to come on on the upstairs pc and was beginning to feel woozy and panicy.

I shall phone Myz Lilith's dad in a bit as he has experience of liquidation from both sides of the equation and also can recommend a liquidator for us. I don't have printing faciluties here so I'll write all my letters/mailmerges to file and send them to work to post out from work on monday. must buy stamps.

I've had so many nice messages from people saying how much they'll miss the place and thanking me for keeping it open as long as I have. it's got to the stage that the nice things are making me cry now (which I should stop as Geof's popping over in a mo) and now the hangover has worn off from yesterday the enormity of the stuff that's to come is hanging in front of me in all it's full horror.

bye bye dirty hole in the ground I shall miss you x
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3 non-voters (one would have been labour if he'd been registered)
3 conservative
2 lib-dem
other 4 unknown/undeclared

makes me kinda gloomy cos these are young professionals and at least some of the stuff the ones that have voted conservative about has been spurious (the ecconomy which I don't think is in actual bad shape considering there's been a pretty widespread international recession - hey it's not like we have massive inflation of 17% mortgage rates like in the 80s). and immigration was mentioned too.


and no I haven't been asking - I cringe everytime some asks someone else what they voted. if people mention it fair enough but I don't think you should really ask people.
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Whitby was fun although I did worry I was going to sleep though the whole thing. I left the (massively overpriced and frankly not getting any more of my money) Elsi at 10:30 on the Thurday night and went home to bed.
We were in a mansion! We never even made it into the living room as the Study and Dining room were amply sufficient for us. Perhaps the sleeping was because D and I had a nice four poster bed :) And a dressing room. With an En Suite. It's a shame the En Suite was en suite to the dressing room not the bedroom as they were on opposite sides of the landing and I didn't have a dressing gown with me. We did have a remote controlled kettle though :D

Friday was official shopping day so I stood back as D bought everything everywhere :P I got a big poncy skirt for £30 - no idea if I'll ever where it but it seems like a bargain.

Mandroid were on top form and I got to see the top of Anne's head as she did Darth Vader burlesque (note to potential burlesque promoters - make sure your audience is layered so people beyond the second row can see!) Justin Sulivan was amazing and I was pleased to discover just before hand that Dean was there with him doing guitar and synth duties so I got to catch up with him afterwards :D Thankfully I avoided being in conversation proximity to Mr Sulivan as despite being a NMA fan since I was 15 he still scares the pants off me.

Saturday was pretty laid back - we had a nice bbq in our nice garden in front of our nice house then headed off to the spa and completely ignored all the bands. Did get to chat to lots of nice people though.

Sunday was made of magpie dinner fail due to me still attempting to sleep through the entire festival followed by football (which we somehow won on a penalty shootout. Met up with Jo and ate pizza in the Little Angel before walking home via the people outside Laughton's (I was tired, D was heading towards too drunk) I was in bed by about 11:30! I suck!

Monday was going home day but also involved Magpie Dinner non-fail and pirate golf. Tidied up the lovely house, scooped mavis into the car and headed home. zzzzz

it was quite a sedate one but I think I need more quiet times at the moment.
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Bloody PCWorld! I really hate the way they charge a *fortune* for something you could get very cheaply on the internet. A couple of years back I went into the one by my office for a usb printer cable - I'd seen them online for £3 but was feeling a bit impatient so I thought I'd check the pc world price and if it wasn't much more than the £3 and postage I'd get it. The only ones they had were £20 and they were trying to pass this off as good value! I bought the online one which had the extra added bonus of a funky glittery cover and a blue L.E.D.

After rigourous scientific testing involving taking my entire pc down to the living room and testing every permutation of set up (Geof would be proud) I ascertained that the cable from our living room to the spare room (where the router generally lives) is actually what's acting up (the internet connection had problems too but the nice man from virgin sorted those) so today I've been pricing up 15m network cables. You can get them for £4.58 plus postage online but I'm impatient yada yada so I went to pc world to see what they had. the cheapest 15m they sell is £35 and they go up to £55. Admittedly it's cat6 not cat5e but hey they're a couple of quid more online and cat5e should be perfectly adequate for most people. It's just another example of the big shops taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge. I suppose that's business but it just seems very cynical and mean.

Someone in the office gave me a nice long lead to try - it might only be 10 not 15m so I still may have to order one online but hells bells it's better than being suckered by pcworld. twats.

Hopefully this will be the end of 1500ms latency and disconnections on WoW and general internet shonkiness :)
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Thanks to everyone who came to 'a trifling affair' at theSubculture on Saturday afternoon - I'm sure you'll agree it was a hoot.

I'd stayed up til nearly 3am sorting out cds full of music that I could leave running for the before, interval and after portions as we didn't have a dj. This mean I was somewhat tired at 8:15am when I had to get up to prepare for Jack's 9am arrival.
I got all the bits and bobs from my ticklist sorted (I can be ridiculously anal at times) and we headed off to a Jewson's branch. As it was the weather was warm so I didn't need to hire a heater so we just bought some buckets and stuff.

anyhoo we stopped back at jack's for supplies (beans, beans and even more beans, flan cases etc) then headed to the club to start mixing the goo. turns out it's a lot better with a balloon whisk. soon jack had the technique down to a tee and buckets of yellow, orange and blue goo started proliferating. given how early we started the last 2 hours went so fast that 3 o'clock came and we weren't ready. people were let in about 3:45 and the show started about 4:15ish. unfortunately there was no sign of the guy that I was supposed to be tortuing with chopped tomatoes :( which given how busy I was anyway probably wasn't too disasterous.

Lily the compere was amazing, really unthrowable and capable. she got the audience closer (no mean feet at a splosh do!) and completely made the first sketch work by being so funny. We had a lovely girl called Dara playing a human table and Lily got the other performers eating sushi, houmous, tortillas and guacamole off her (with Eine Kleine Nachtmusic playing for extra classiness ;) ) the combination of chopsticks and the movement caused by the table laughing so much mean her crotch mushrooms (we were catering for vegans too) went everywhere. I then sponged her off a bit and we served pudding on her - melon and pineapple pieces, a pile of profiteroles and a generous helping of vegan ice-cream... in her crotch region... (she had pants on and I had let the ice-cream thaw a little first) Lily then called for a Vegan to have some ice-cream - probably meaning [ profile] miss_behave but as she was busy getting ready for the next act everyone volunteered [ profile] tawdryfilth instead. we let her use a spoon :)

the next act saw a catsuit clad Dawn walking [ profile] _insecure_ on a dog lead to the tune of 'I wanna be your dog' - she then washed her in a paddling pool of goo until Kath rebelled and they started wrestling - I nearly wet myself it was so funny! this seemed to be a theme :) there was no friction as the goo was super slippy so doing anything excpet flailing was nearly impossile!

I had to abandon my act :( we went straight on to the first pie auction where Ms Bam Bam Blue was well and truely pied by 2 gentlemen who seemed to very much enjoy the experience :D

we then had Em Brulee's endurance singing. this involved me and Laura attacking her with stuff as she sang diamonds are a girl's best friend and Cabaret un-amplified (we figured a mic would be a bad idea!) the way her voice went when ever we did something mean was marvellous. we saved the bucket of goo over the head for the big finish to cabaret :D She was so bloody good! and laura kept getting me with the super soaker. grrr! ;)

we had an interval for a bit as there was a lot of cleaning to do and I needed to costume change into my wrestling clothes. during the interval Ms Stiletto Starr's Sweetshop was opened and people were nomming swirls of cream and sprinkles off her for a fee :) I completely forgot to give her the glace cherries som me and al ate them on sunday afternoon instead ;)

After the interval [ profile] bikerfaerie and Laura did their routine. Suz enjoying her cream cake selection in her negligee but realising she's being stalked by a stalky vampire so stabs her with the garlic eclair and covers her in beans. soooooo many beans - I had the music going from teenage vampire to bela lugosi's dead ;) Not entirely sure why laura raised herself from undeath and chased suz around again but hey ;)

then we had the event everyone (well me and fuzzy) had been waiting for - the second pie auction - with [ profile] cloneboy on the chair. there was a fierce bidding war when fuzzy decided that there was no way anyone else was going to get the first pie in on Al and bid £22. then [ profile] ulfilias bid £20 (plus an extra fiver that Lily co-erced out of him at stiletto point) for ME to pie Al. Woo!!! I went in via the armpit, up the chest and to the side of the face for maximum pieage :D Win!!

Stiletto Starr did her 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' routine which was well good - she's a sexy woman! that was 2 litres of Soy Milk well used :)

Then it was my starring moment. where I wrestled a woman 7 inches smaller than me and about half my weight! to bad romance by lady gaga. Claire started with a triple H style spray of beer into the air and some stone cold steve austin style theatrics. this worried me ;) we the circled each other a couple of times then headed in. My word the floor was hard even with 2 rugs under the plastic! we had no plan so kept mixing it up and taking it in turns to be 'on top' - I managed to get loads of goo down her pants - ha! foolish clothing choice! leotard and leggings ftw! I was right she was a wriggler! and quite flexible too - I managed to manhandle her into lots of amusing positions but decided it'd be a good idea to let her win as she was the small one so lay face down in the goo at the end of the song :) that was such immense fun :D

after a big delay due to costume malfunctions (during which I came back on stage and did the splits onto a custard pie - as one does) we had amy and katie's bee act. it took them a minute and a half to destroy the costumes they'd spent 45 minutes putting on! and their stingers fell off - which I think made it even more funny. in the end they threw goo at each other and slipped all over the place in a most undignified fashion :D

at the end suz and john were fed cake cos it was their birthdays and lily sat on the rest. Fuzzy may have encouraged john to eat crotch cake... tut tut - I suppose it was his birthday :D

so that was it - it was a really fun time - the audience looked in pain from laughing so much and even people who'd been skeptical had a whale of a time. we took about £200 from the door and auctions and sweetshop and another £250 from the bar - not bad for a saturday afternoon and hopefully the photo sets and videos will make further cash monies for the club over the coming weeks.

cleaning up was a nightmare but me and jack managed a fair amount with help and I nearly got hypothermia cos some terrible tarts (i'm looking at you kath and dawn!) used 2 of my 3 towels leaving me the small one :P the hot water me and claire poored over each other didn't really do much even with washing up liquid and I left the shampoo upstairs - doh. I was so drained that I was in bed by 10pm so no wendyhouse for me!

such fun! even if I do still ache and have bruised knees!
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see I knew I was being a ninny - the pain seems a fair amount better today - it's still there but I can sigh without wincing now :D

am getting quite excited about 'a trifling affair now' - I actually get to dance (no stripping off though :D) AND Wrestle :D


Apr. 14th, 2010 03:53 pm
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I need a nice free DJ for Saturday Afternoon's fundraiser at the club.

duties aren't too severe - we need general alt/rock/electro/dance music in the gaps at the beginning middle and end of the show and cueing of the performers music (which they'll provide and label up) for the acts themselves.
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Today I am in big pain. Beeeeeg pain.

Went to bed on Monday night and noticed my back hurt under my right shoulderblade when I lay flat. Odd I thought. Changed position. Nope still hurting. It was a steady insistant pain that occurred in pretty much every position I could concievable sleep in :( I ended up propping myself upright which hurt marginally less and kinda sitting there until I dozed fitfully a bit. About 5am I gave in and took one of my codeine and paracetamol tablets from last time I had this pain (as I was beginning to recognise it now) - it was a bit difficult without water and a dry mouth but I managed eventually :P Finally slept through and had some very odd dreams.

I was fine at work yesterday and kept myself topped up on megaibuprofen tablets and convinced myself it was passing. So I went to tkd - but declined to do the main class cos I knew that would be foolish - instead I taught Aud 1 on 1 in the back room, not really doing anything contentious apart from the occasional turning kick. Went home, had a bath and prepared for a quiet night without any internet, working on a database until 11:20 then heading off to watch the last but one episode of Life On Mars in bed. Took the Codeine tablet after that but it didn't seem to really help and I spent the whole night only able to lie flat with a tightly rolled up sock under the bit that was borked. I'm not sure why but that actually seems to help - maybe it's like getting it massaged or something. Today I'm terrible. Breathing in deeply or laughing causes sharp pain and the low level pain is there all the time :( the ibuprofen have been scoffed which seems to have taken a bit of the edge off it at least.

thing is I had this before on the left side - about 3 years ago around my Black Belt grading - it started like this - and just continued for ages combined with a strange dull achey deadweight feeling in my left arm - at one point it was so bad I had to phone geof to get him to come round and help as I couldn't actually move/get out of bed - eventually it went after I bent over and there was a big zap in my left arm and the pain instantly went. Then the next day I noticed a wide numb streak down my left arm and onto my left thumb. I couldn't do up buttons or stuff for days. Over then next few weeks sensation largely came back but I do still have a small numb section down my wrist to my thumb pad. So now I'm panicing that this is all going to happen again. I got physio last time so at least I know what excercises to do but they didn't *actually* help.

waaa! *sulk* etc.
it'll probably go tomorrow and I'll feel like a right nobber for moaning about it. :)

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