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*taps microphone*
"Is this thing on?"

Ah! Another sporadic attempt at remembering to use LiveJournal as it's better than FaceBook for writing down stuff (tm)

It's true though, when I was ill at the beginning of October I managed to look up when I had the same issue before (April 2007 I think) and confirm I had an anti-biotic allergy that I'd temporarily forgotten about. Doh. How much use would FB have been? None. That's how much.

So what have I been up to? Been playing badminton with [ profile] daevid, [ profile] eddy_, [ profile] maviscruet and [ profile] timsinister which is rarely unhilarious if not quite the power workout I'd hoped for. Booked tickets to Japan for D, Mave, [ profile] nigelmouse and myself for March next year - woot! And D and I have been having some singing lessons.

Yes you heard me right, singing lessons. I *really* enjoy singing.

Picked up a set of 3 as a groupon offer and have just booked up for 10 more. It's suprisingly liberating. Despite my often brash and loud exterior I'm a shy and sensitive soul lacking in confidence and desperately worried about making a twat of myself. But recent, drunken bouts of karaoke have made me realise that when I sing loudly and confidently I can a) generally make a noise which isn't too eargrindingly awful and b) completely rag my throat. So I took the opportunity to go for singing lessons (the group on was for music lessons and I did consider the flute...) - it's odd though - it feels like a far more potentially vain thing to do than going for lessons on an actual instrument. Weird. Maybe it's just me...? Anyhoo they've been a really good experience - more like psychotherapy than you'd imagine. I just *can't* sing confidently in front of people if I'm sober. but here I am warbling away at *quite some* volume at this poor little fellow (and Daevid - but he at least gets to inflict it back on me for the other half of the lesson). I think I'm picking up some stuff and am getting better, I have no illusions though, do not expect to see me on Britian's got talent as the goth Susan Boyle.

Anyhoo - Whitby on Thursday. Need to sort out my packing list and get on with the depressing bit where I assess what actually fits me ;)

Also - how the hell are *you*?
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