Jan. 10th, 2012

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I've just spent the last 2 days mostly in bed a bit feverish, faint and immensely nauseous. Thankfully I wasn't sick. I'm never sick. If I'm sick I'm much iller than necessary - even norovirus only illicited the merest passing vom from me. But I had the other symptoms in such abundance that I was beginning to wish I could be sick to rid myself of all the acid that was building up. Think is was some sort of stomach 'flu passed on from Al to Mike, Helen and then me. By Sunday evening even my hands were aching. Sorry to anyone I've managed to pass it on to!

After a day without food a dry piece of toasted fluffy bread was amazingly tasty. When I finally ate properly last night, 48 hours after it my last proper food, it was spot on - the salt on the fries was like ambrosia from the gods. I like salt at the best of times but having expelled all my body salts over the previous 2 days I could feel my loops of Henle* cheering.

On the plus side I may have lost the xmas weight. On the negative side I'm super aware of every blupblupblup and twinge in my entire digestive system today and have a tendancy to get quite swimmy occasionally.

Watched the A-team on Sunday night - utterly ludicrous but quite enjoyable - next on the pile is the expendables. Also this weekend has consisted of a bit of retro gaming with me replaying Heroes of Might and Magic V - spiffy - I got a box set of the first 5 games so may replay them all (apart from 1 - that'd be a play not a replay) - I miss the ('Heroes of' + 1)('Might and Magic') series - I've spent a lot of my life playing the strategy game and the rpgs they made. I really love old skool RPGs *sigh*

* they're in your nephrons if I remember A-level biology correctly.

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