Aug. 20th, 2010

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What Ho OrangeChums! I hope all is well with you!

I'm getting sick to death of the inside of the subculture and finding paint on all my clothes (even the ones I change out of when I'm there... wtf!) I really need to get it finished in the next couple of weeks but this is rendered difficult by the fact I have no holiday left so can't do daytime stuff, I'm away over the bank holiday weekend (anniversary), there's a metric fucktonne left to do and co-ordinating people is like herding cats!

One thing I could do with is a reliable person to sort out the freecycling. there's a bunch of chairs and other bits and bobs that *someone* *somewhere* might like. In fact I'll shout out here in case anyone wants anything or knows of a home for it.

We have:
27 (I think) wooden chairs that stack - upholstered in various fabrics - used for burlesque nights in the past
one tall freezer in working order but not particularly pretty - handy for extra capacity in a cellar or garage or what have you
Assorted glasses - champagne flutes, wine glasses, stella pint glasses.
leatherette bucket chairs - ok condition and leatherette stools - less good.
some little round wooden ikea side tables
a couple of low square wooden tables.
a couple of 'phono' tables
a brown fabric 2 seater sofa - a bit dusty but fine

let me know if you want them cos I hate scrapping stuff. there may be a bean bag left but I'm trying to think of somewhere to keep it for myself ;) or if you feel like being in charge of freecycling them?

anyhoo tonight should be productive. Al, graeme (the mercian) and D should be helping me so some of the shifting should get done. the stripping of the walls of the gents hasn't progressed and I still really need a couple of people to get on with that so I can get it papered.

I'm having tomorrow off - unity day and Jim's post-apocalyptic party are calling and I need some new work shoes so shopping must occur. no heavy drinking for me this week though after I was a disgrace at Adam's wedding reception last week. I think stress+freeflowing wine=bad

before I tried to post it and realised that they've propper blocked LJ at work now :*(
very sad.
I forsee a lot more dwarf fortress to fill up the hours :P

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